Emergency and Trauma Center

 If you are experiencing an emergency medical problem, call 911. 

Johns Hopkins all Children's Emergency and Trauma Center in St. Petersburg, Fl

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Emergency and Trauma Center 
550 6th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
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Open 24 hours
Please note, this location does not offer inpatient psychiatric care.

Location Overview

The Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Center at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital is staffed and ready 24 hours a day to care for infants, children, and young adults. The Emergency Medicine team are highly trained pediatric experts with additional ER training for faster diagnosis and treatment. The Emergency Center is adjacent to our 24-hour Pediatric Radiology Department, and Child Life Specialists are on staff to help patients and families through the ER experience. 

The doors of our Emergency Center are always open. If you are experiencing an emergency medical problem, call 911. 

Please note, our hospital is not a Baker Act Receiving facility or licensed by the state of Florida to provide inpatient psychiatric care.


Complimentary valet parking is available at the entrance to the Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Center.

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