Johns Hopkins All Children's Outpatient Care Center Sarasota

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Johns Hopkins All Children's Outpatient Care
Center Sarasota
5881 Rand Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34238
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Phone: 941-927-8805


Appointments are required for center services. Patient appointments can be made by either calling the Specialty Practice directly, or calling Johns Hopkins All Children's Outpatient Care location in Sarasota at 941-927-8805, and your call will be transferred to the Specialist's Office.
Rev 3/09

Rehabilitation & Diagnostic Services

Audiology 941-927-8805
Occupational Therapy 941-927-8805
Physical Therapy 941-927-8805
Speech/Language Pathology 941-927-8805
Labs, Radiology (X-Ray), EKG's 941-927-8805


Medical\Surgical Specialties

Cardiology (All Children's Specialty Physicians) 727-767-3333
Endocrinology/Diabetes (All Children's Specialty Physicians) 727-767-3636
Gastroenterology/Nutrition (Pediatric GI, Hepatology
and Nutrition of Florida)
Gastroenterology/Nutrition (Pediatric Gastroenterology
and Nutrition of Tampa Bay)
Hematology/Oncology (All Children's Specialty Physicians) 727-767-4176
Infectious Disease (All Children's Specialty Physicians) 727-767-4160 
Nephrology (USF Physicians) 727-767-4181
Neurology (Pediatric Neurology Associates) 727-767-8181
Orthopaedics (Children's Orthopaedic and Scoliosis Surgery Associates) 727-898-2663
Otolaryngology (Pediatric Head and Neck Surgery Associates) 727-767-4305
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 727-767-4920
Pulmonology (All Children's Specialty Physicians) 727-767-4146
Rheumatology (All Children's Specialty Physicians) 727-767-7438
Surgery (All Children's Specialty Physicians) 727-767-4170
Urology (Children's Urology Group) 727-456-1055