Getting Ready at Home

Surgery Time and Instructions

The pre-admission testing nurse will call you the day before surgery to give you information about your child's surgery, including the arrival time and when to stop giving foods and liquids to your child. You can also call the pre-admission testing office at 727-767-8653 or 1-800-456-4543 x78561.

What to Do

These are simple but very important instructions to follow for the day of the surgery:

  • Do NOT give your child anything to eat or drink — even water or chewing gum — for the amount of time the nurse tells you.
  • Be sure your child has had a bath and a head shampoo before coming to the hospital.
  • Fingernails and toenails also need a good cleaning.
  • Remove any nail polish and leave all jewelry at home.
  • If your child has long hair, it should be pulled back in a pony tail or a braid.
  • If your child is having surgery or a procedure, the nurse will give you instructions for getting ready.
  • Children who wear eyeglasses or hearing aids should wear them, but contact lenses are not permitted.
  • Avoid stiff, tight, or heavy clothing.
  • Children having surgery above the waist should wear a loose-fitting top with buttons or snaps.
  • Children having surgery below the waist should wear loose-fitting pants (drawstrings and elastic waistbands work well).

What to Bring

  • It helps to bring along a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, book, or toy. Your child might also like to have a bathrobe or sweater, and slippers or socks.
  • If your child is spending the night at the hospital after surgery pack pajamas or other comfortable sleep clothes and a pillow.
  • For infants or toddlers, bring a small supply of diapers, special infant formulas  (if you use it) and favorite bottles/nipples or a "sippy cup".
  • Parents should wear comfortable clothes and bring a sweater or a light jacket.