Things to Know Ahead of Time

Who should come to the hospital?

A parent or guardian must be present at all times when a child is in surgery in the Surgery Unit. Parents will be directed where to stay until they have spoken with the doctor. Only 2 visitors per patient can accompany a child into the Surgery Unit. Visitors may not eat or drink in the Surgery Unit, patient rooms, or waiting areas.

Children under 12 who are not the patient are not permitted in the Surgery Unit. Please plan ahead so that a relative or a friend can take care of any brothers or sisters of this age.

What Not to Bring

If your child will be staying overnight, friends and relatives should be informed that fresh flowers and live plants are not allowed in the hospital because they can carry harmful germs. Foil or Mylar balloons are fine, but latex (or rubber) balloons are not permitted.

Are Accommodations Available?

If you live far from St. Petersburg, accommodations for the night before surgery may be available at the Ronald McDonald House of Tampa Bay (located on the Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital campus). Call 727-821-8961 x7694 or 800-456-4543 x7694 for reservations.

If your child should get sick a few days before surgery...

If you notice any changes in your child's health before surgery, call your child's doctor. You should also call the doctor if your child has a cold, cough, fever or rash, or is exposed to the chicken pox.

If your child seems sick on the surgery day...

Call your doctor or call the Surgery Unit after 5:30 am at 727-767-4128 or 800-456-4543 x74128

Preparing for Anesthesia

Your child's doctor may give you a booklet with instructions about preparing for surgery and anesthesia. Be sure to follow the directions and call the number shown if you have any questions.