What Is a Buckle Fracture?

    A buckle (or torus) fracture is a type of broken bone. One side of a bone bends, raising a little buckle, without breaking the other side of the bone.

    Who Gets Buckle Fractures?

    Teens don't usually get buckle fractures. Most of these fractures happen in kids under 10 years old. That's because their bones are softer and more flexible. The injury makes their bones bend and buckle, rather than break.

    Illustration: Buckle fracture

    How Do Buckle Fractures Happen?

    A buckle fracture usually happens when the bone is compressed (pressed together with a lot of force). In kids, this can happen when a child falls and reaches an arm out to break the fall.

    How Are Buckle Fractures Treated?

    Health care providers treat most buckle fractures with a splint.

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