Some schools are using a hybrid plan for this school year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a mix of in-person learning and remote (online) learning. Here's what you need to know.

    Remote learning means making sure you have things like:

    • reliable internet access
    • software and other learning programs
    • a connected device
    • a good place with limited distractions where your child can learn

    Steps to take for in-person learning can include:

    • updating kids' immunizations
    • buying school supplies
    • getting safety supplies, like masks and hand sanitizer

    Also try to:

    • Keep the schedule on remote learning days similar to the schedule on in-person school days.
    • During remote learning, have lunch together and schedule a family walk, jog, or bike ride at the time your child usually has recess or gym.
    • Remind your child that remote learning days are not days off. Make sure your child does the expected work.

    What Else Should I Know?

    If COVID-19 cases rise in your community or happen at school, schools may turn to full-time remote learning for a time. Have a back-up plan ready so you can more easily switch to this, if it happens.

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