• Are all unused outlets covered with safety plugs?
    • Are all major electrical appliances grounded?
    • Have cord holders been used to keep longer cords fastened against walls?
    • Have you checked for and removed other electrical fire hazards, such as overloaded electrical sockets and electrical wires running under carpets?
    • Are televisions, computers, and stereo equipment positioned against walls? Are they secured to the wall with brackets so they can't tip forward?
    • Do you unplug extension cords when they are not in use?

    Heating & Cooling Elements

    • Are all radiators and baseboard heaters covered with childproof screens if necessary?
    • Have gas fireplaces been secured with a valve cover or key?
    • Do all working fireplaces have a screen and other barriers in place when in use?
    • Have chimneys been cleaned recently?
    • Are all electric space heaters at least 3 feet (91 centimeters) from beds, curtains, or anything flammable?

    Emergency Equipment & Numbers

    • Do you have a list of emergency phone numbers on your cellphone and near each phone in your home?
    • Are there fire extinguishers installed on every floor and in the kitchen? Do you know how to use them?
    • Do you have an emergency ladder for the upper floors of your home?
    • Are there smoke detectors on each floor of your home?
    • Have smoke detectors been installed in the hallways between all bedrooms of your home?
    • Have you tested all smoke detectors within the last month?
    • Have you changed the batteries in the smoke detectors within the past 6 months?
    • If you cook with or heat your home with natural gas or have an attached garage, have you installed a carbon monoxide detector in your home?
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