At just three months old, a blue-eyed boy named Sam was diagnosed with profound hearing loss. His parents, Chris and Teresa, found comfort and hope as they learned that a cochlear implant could one day help Sam to hear.

    Cochlear implants are devices that can restore the ability to sense sound by taking it from the environment to the hearing nerve and directly to the brain, bypassing the damaged parts of the ear. The implant must be inserted surgically, and the surgery can be done no earlier than a child's first birthday.

    For Chris and Teresa, the cochlear implant offered hope that Sam would have a chance to hear them sing him a lullaby or read him a story, listen to the laughter of older brother Jack, and reach for all his dreams in life.

    Through articles, photographs, and videos you can learn about this family's journey to help Sam hear.

    Chapter One: The Diagnosis
    Chris and Teresa learn that their son Sam has been born with a profound hearing loss.

    Chapter Two: Finding the Way
    Chris and Teresa learn all that they can about Sam's condition and the options for coping with his hearing loss.

    Chapter Three: Surgery
    The big day finally arrives — Sam undergoes cochlear implant surgery.

    Chapter Four: Breaking the Silence
    The implant is activated, marking a new beginning for Sam.

    Chapter Five: New Beginnings
    Almost 3 years old, Sam speaks and understands language spoken to him.

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