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Breastfeeding News

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Neonatologist Prem Fort, M.D., talks about why breastfeeding is beneficial for babies and shares some resources on breastfeeding for new moms.

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Dealing with Breastfeeding Challenges

Lactation consultant Megan Howard talks about how moms can find support if they face challenges with breastfeeding.

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Eat, Sleep, Poop – The Top 3 Things New Parents Need to Know

Having a newborn can be an exciting yet somewhat scary time, especially for first-time parents. While there’s no official guide that tells you what to do when you bring baby home from hospital, there are a few key areas new parents should focus on according to Johns Hopkins All Children’s experts—eating, sleeping and pooping.

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Newborn Nectar

Mother’s own milk is proving to be the best medicine for low-weight preemies.

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Breastfeeding Tips for the First Year

Becoming a parent is very exciting and full of new experiences. Among the many decisions parents make is how they choose to feed their newborn. For those families who breastfeed, the experts at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital provide helpful tips and advice for the first year.

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