Integrated Care Management

Pastoral Care, Social Work, and Team Hope

Integrated Care Management provides a variety of support services to patients and their families while at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, including Social Work services, Pastoral Care, and Team Hope.

Social Work Services

Clinical social workers in the medical setting understand the enormous impact that illness and hospitalization can have on a family. When a child is in the hospital, families are not only worried about the child's health but also have the stress of caring for other children, jobs, and just being away from home.

Clinical social workers at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital receive a master's level degree in social work that includes course work in child and adolescent development, family systems theory, and behavioral/mental health counseling. As part of the multidisciplinary team, social workers help the medical team to understand each family's specific situation and needs. Through work with both the family and the medical team, social workers are able to provide education, advocacy, and support services.

At Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, the goal of the social work team is to support the family through counseling and resource management. They work to not only reduce stress while in the hospital, but also to connect families to the resources that will provide additional support in their community when they return home.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Department provides emotional and spiritual support to children and their families throughout their visit/stay in the hospital. Each Chaplain values and respects our families' beliefs.

Chaplains offer a caring presence in a challenging time by:

  • Providing encouragement and a calm presence around a time of concern or crisis
  • Praying with you and for you
  • Offering a listening ear and reflective conversation
  • Arranging for rites and rituals of your particular faith community
  • Offering bereavement support in or around the time of crisis or end of life
  • Discussing concerns during your hospital stay

To reach a Chaplain, you may telephone (727) 767-4285 or (727) 898-7451 (after hours).

Team Hope (Palliative Care)

Team Hope is the name of our palliative care program at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, a multi-faceted inpatient service devoted to enhancing, comfort, dignity, and quality of life. For more information about Team Hope, please contact (727) 767-4147.