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Pocket Doc

Pocket Doc is a Johns Hopkins All Children’s application that provides patients and families with reliable health care information at home or on the go.

The Pocket Doc app is available for downloaded on Android and iPhone devices and can also be accessed online. Pocket Doc offers patients and families a variety of health care features, including Symptom Checker, which allows users to select a body area or body part related to a child’s symptom and then provides a description of the concern, three to five recommendations to address the concern and additional resources.

Pocket Doc Features

There are many helpful features within Pocket Doc, including:

  • Symptom Checker and home care advice
  • Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital phone directory
  • Maps of Johns Hopkins All Children’s campus and Outpatient Care locations
  • Logs for tracking your child’s allergies and medications
  • Dosage tables for common over-the-counter medicines
  • Photos and illustrations to help identify concerns such as rashes, injuries and common bug bites and stings
  • Contacts, including your child’s doctor or nearby emergency department

Pocket Doc information is based on guidelines used since 1997 by thousands of pediatricians and nurses. Each care guide is reviewed by physicians, specialists and nurses for accuracy.

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