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Patient Accounts & Professional Billing at All Children's Hospital

I have more than one insurance policy, how do I know which insurance is primary?

If the child is covered under both the mother's and father's insurance plan, whichever parent's birthday (month and day only) comes first, is the insurance policy that is primary.

If two or more policies or plans cover a dependent child of divorced or separated parents, benefits for the child is determined in this order: First, the policy or plan of the parent with custody of the child; second, the policy or plan of the spouse of the parents with custody of the child; Third, the policy or plan of the parent not having custody of the child.

My child is receiving therapy services and I do not understand the billing cycle.

For children who are receiving therapy services, the assigned account number will remain open for up to 90 days before the account is discharged and a new account number will be established if services are continued.  Bills will be mailed on a per service basis or will be sent monthly depending on the insurance.

Why do I keep receiving a bill when I have already provided a copy of my insurance?

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital sends itemized bills as required by Florida Statute 395.301. This bill is used to notify the guarantor of the specific nature of charges or expenses incurred by the patient.  If insurance information has been provided, these charges have been submitted to your insurance plan for payment.

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I received notification that my account was referred to a collection agency, why is this?

Upon completion of claims processing by your insurance company, remaining balances that are the responsibility of the patient will be referred to our extended business office. Once there, you will receive monthly billing statements and may also be contacted by phone. If payment or payment arrangements have not been made after these steps have been taken, your account may be referred to a collection agency.

Level of Care: Observation vs. Inpatient

When the patient is being evaluated, this determination is made based upon the severity of illness and care required for the patient. This is a clinical determination made in conjunction with the physician, nursing staff and other clinical staff involved with the patient's care. Clinical guidelines are used by clinicians to make this determination.

I went to the Johns Hopkins All Children's Outpatient Care Center.  Why did I get a bill from the hospital?

Our Outpatient Care Centers are departments of the hospital; therefore, the services that were provided are submitted as part of Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital.

Why do I have to pay a co-pay/ or I paid my co-pay to the Physician?

Because our Outpatient Care Centers are a department of the hospital, many insurance plans will access a co-pay for each of the providers seen that day. The physician's office may determine that additional testing is necessary. If these services are provided at the Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Outpatient Care Center, they will be billed separately from the physician bill. These services are billed to your insurance as an outpatient hospital service.

How do I request an estimate for services?

In order to provide you with the most accurate estimate as possible, it is helpful for you to provide us with the diagnosis codes and, if applicable, procedures codes (CPT 4 or HCPCS), which should be available from your referring physician.

All request for estimates are not binding. All estimates are subject to an increase or decrease based upon the required clinical care provided. Estimates do not include any of the physician fees unless requested. Each patient is unique and their healthcare needs vary depending upon the complexity of their illness or diseases.

Upon request, a written estimate will be provided.