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There are many factors that can influence estimates, including the patient’s particular needs, physician treatment choices, complications, and actual services performed.

Self-Pay Estimates

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital will provide an estimated self-pay amount for families.

Florida Health Finder

To find an average of charges provided by Florida Health Finder, view their website.

Mission to Care

To find an average of charges provided by Mission to Care, view their website.

There are many factors that can influence estimates, including:

  • the patient’s particular needs
  • physician treatment choices
  • complications
  • and actual services performed.

Differences in any of these factors can cause for estimates to be lower or higher than the actual charges. We also can have periodic charge adjustments throughout the year that can impact charge amounts.

Due to these unforeseeable changes we cannot guarantee the amounts of any estimate provided and it should not be viewed as a binding quote but as a good faith estimate.  Charges for this service can also vary and you may find other healthcare facilities or patient settings which could provide higher or lower charges than what we can offer.  We encourage for you to fully research the procedures and the locations you may be considering.  We are always happy to provide insight and assistance when needed. 

All estimates are generated around average payment and payment ranges with an estimated cost incurred by the patient. Actual cost will be based on the services actually provided to the patient.

If you have any further questions to this please feel free to reach out to the Estimate Unit at 727-767-7016 or at to help answer any questions.