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Pediatric Symptom Checker App for your Mobile Phone

Pocket Doc makes parenting a little easier by giving you access to reliable information on children’s health. Symptom Guides help you make smart decisions about what (if any) level of care your child’s symptoms require and how to provide quick symptom relief at home for minor illnesses or injuries. The information is based on guidelines used since 1997 by thousands of pediatricians and nurses. You can also keep track of your child’s medications and how to use common over-the-counter medicines.

The iPhone and Android versions also feature:

  • Phone directory for Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital
  • Map of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital campus and Outpatient Care locations
  • Logs for tracking each child’s medications & allergies
  • Dosage table for common over-the-counter medicines


The pediatric care guides are derived from the telephone protocols used by more than 400 hospital and health plan-based nurse advice lines and by 90% of pediatric practices. They have been tested on over 150 million symptom calls.


  • The content is designed with your child’s safety as the highest priority.
  • Each care guide is reviewed by physicians, specialists and nurses for accuracy. The annual review and updates also incorporate parent feedback regarding clarity and ease of use.

Easy 3-step navigation:

  1. Choose the most appropriate symptom care guide.
  2. Use the symptom decision chart to find the recommended action.
  3. Follow the self care advice to manage your child’s illnesses & injuries at home.

Immediate Connections Made Easy

Connect to 911, your doctor, your child’s doctor or nearby Emergency Department are available if you have phone service. Pocket Doc also includes easy access to phone numbers for many Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Departments and services, maps to the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Outpatient Care locations, and more.

Pediatric Dosage tables

One-touch access to the recommended dosage for common over-the-counter medications.

Photos and illustrations

The images help you identify symptoms (e.g. rashes), injuries and common causes of bites & stings. First aid illustrations support proper interim care.

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