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CanSurvive Clinic

Thrive after treatment. CanSurvive is an interdisciplinary cancer survivorship clinic at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Cancer & Blood Disorders Institute.

Remission is a word worth celebrating. But what happens afterward? That question can cause some parents and patients a lot of uncertainty. Our doctors launched the CanSurvive Clinic to help cancer survivors understand and prepare for long-term health.

Thanks to improved treatment outcomes, survivorship is an increasingly important area of clinical care and research in pediatric oncology. Most long-term pediatric cancer survivors lead healthy lives, but their prior treatments may put them at an increased risk for chronic medical problems, including obesity, heart failure, infertility and secondary malignancies. Our multidisciplinary team of experts addresses these concerns and helps patients deal with illness proactively.

Who Is Eligible?

In order to be seen in the CanSurvive Clinic, patients must be in clinical remission at least five years from their most recent cancer diagnosis, and at least two years from completion of their last therapy. Additionally, patients who have undergone bone marrow transplantation for a cancer or noncancerous illness can be seen in the clinic.

About CanSurvive

Claudia Lukas, PA-C, directs the CanSurvive Clinic, which is held monthly in the outpatient hematology-oncology center at Johns Hopkins All Children's Outpatient Care in Tampa, Fla., located on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard.

The CanSurvive Clinic provides coordinated, multidisciplinary survivorship care, including annual visits with doctors (such as pediatric oncologists and other pediatric subspecialists), an oncology social worker and other members of the Johns Hopkins All Children's wellness team.
Clinic patients receive treatment summaries with information about their diagnosis, treatment received, complications of therapy, potential late effects of therapy and recommended screening studies for late effects. Patients and families can choose to share this information with current and future health care providers. Both the written reports and the interaction during annual visits are designed to empower patients and their families to seek and receive optimal health care.
At your visit, your cancer therapy, current health problems (if any) and future health risks will be explained. After your visit, you will receive a medical summary of your cancer care, including suggestions for health care into adulthood using the Passport for Care Program. We also have many handouts about long-term side effects of cancer therapy, depending on your cancer diagnosis and treatment. We anticipate seeing you on an annual basis to continue surveillance for late effects of your therapy and continued education. Any acute issues arising between your annual visits to the Long-Term Survivors Clinic can continue to be managed by your primary team of doctors and nurses.

Contact Us

For appointments, call the Johns Hopkins All Children's Pediatric Hematology/Oncology office in Tampa, Fla., at (813) 631-5001.

The CanSurvive Clinic is located at Johns Hopkins All Children's Specialty Care of Tampa at 12220 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.