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CanSurvive Clinic

The Johns Hopkins All Children’s CanSurvive Clinic is dedicated to helping cancer survivors understand and prepare for their long-term health.

The CanSurvive Clinic at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is part of the Cancer & Blood Disorders Institute. Our clinic sees children, adolescent and young adult cancer survivors who are three years or more off of therapy and have received treatment at our hospital. We also see survivors who are transferring their care to our hospital from another center. Our team is led by pediatric oncologist Lynda Beaupin, M.D., and includes a dedicated cancer survivorship nurse coordinator and psychosocial provider.

Why Visit Johns Hopkins All Children’s CanSurvive Clinic?

Cancer survivorship is an increasingly important area of clinical care and research. Our team informs each survivor about specific health risks and monitors these risks while offering support in other areas that might arise as a cancer survivor.

Although many long-term pediatric cancer survivors live healthy lives, the radiation, chemotherapy and surgery used to cure patients of cancer may have physical or psychological side effects that begin years later. These side effects are called “late effects” and may put cancer survivors at risk for chronic medical problems, including:

  • Obesity
  • Heart failure
  • Infertility
  • Secondary cancers
  • Anxiety

How Our CanSurvive Program Works

The Johns Hopkins All Children’s CanSurvive Clinic is designed to support survivors at various stages of their lives and offers long-term support and guidance. We start with an initial visit and follow survivors throughout adulthood, monitoring late effects along the way.

Initial Visit

At your first clinic visit, our team gets to know you and your medical history and gathers information that includes:

  • A thorough review of your cancer treatment, including information about your cancer and the treatment you received
  • Any complications from therapy
  • Potential late effects of therapy
  • Recommended screening tests for late effects

Personalized Care Plan

For each cancer survivor, our team develops a personalized treatment summary and survivorship care plan. We use Passport for Care, a national pediatric cancer survivor information portal, to access updated national guidelines. After the initial visit, patients receive access to Passport for Care and information about long-term side effects of the cancer therapy related to his or her cancer.

Long-term Care

Our team follows survivors throughout adulthood and checks in once a year for continued surveillance of late effects and to help survivors lead healthy and happy lives. Each survivor has access to services, receives education and support, and we can connect with his or her primary oncology team for any acute issues.


To schedule an appointment, please call 813-631-5001 or ask your oncologist for a referral. 


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