Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

Department of Patient and Family Centered Care

We recognize that the highest quality of care can be achieved through collaboration between health care professionals and those they serve. We believe that patient and family centered care can only be provided when staff partner and collaborate with the patient and family at the center of our work.  At Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, the Department of Patient and Family Centered Care strives to strengthen these partnerships with our patients, families, staff and the community.

The Department of Patient and Family Centered Care at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is made up of a variety of departments whose focus is to offer support to patients and families that is unique to each individual family and supports the goals of caring for the whole patient during their medical experience.  Some of the teams that make up the Department of Patient and Family Centered Care are:

  • Child Life: The Child Life team uses developmental, educational and therapeutic interventions and play to help patients and their families cope with illness, injury, treatment and hospitalization. This team works closely with families and health care staff to support each child’s physical and emotional needs during their medical experience. Learn more about Child Life.
  • Music Therapy: The Music Therapy team uses music to address non-musical goals for children and families in the medical setting. Music Therapy is a valuable and effective tool in helping children and families recover their health and wellbeing. Learn more about Music Therapy.
  • Service Excellence: The Service Excellence department is committed to patient and family centered care, and advocates on behalf of patients to ensure a positive hospital experience. Learn more about the Service Excellence department.
  • Spiritual Care: The Spiritual Care program offers spiritual and chaplaincy support to patients and their families while honoring all religious beliefs and traditions. Learn more about the Spiritual Care program.
  • Patient Academic Services: The Patient Academic Services department exists to keep patients and siblings engaged academically through the duration of their admission and beyond. The team supports a connection to the schooling program chosen by the family and provides the normalcy of school and learning. Using qualified and certified teachers, students are met at their academic level and encouraged to grow. Learn more about the Patient Academic Services department.
  • Language Services: Recognizing that the exchange of information between patient and provider is an essential element of quality patient and family centered care, we provide our patients and their families with qualified interpreters for languages other than English and for American Sign Language (ASL). Learn more about Language Services.
  • Family Resource Center: The Family Resource Center provides a getaway for patients and their family during their health care journey. Additionally, it offers a variety of supports and information to assist in coping and learning. Learn more about the Family Resource Center.
  • Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC): The PFAC strives to promote patient and family centered care and to help hospital personnel to understand the diverse needs of our patients and families. The Council provides an important voice for families and helps hospital staff to understand their unique perspectives, as well as their cultural and spiritual needs. FAC members volunteer their time to share their perspective and insights to help our staff provide compassionate care. Learn more about the Patient & Family Advisory Council.
  • Teen Advisory Council (TAC): TAC provides a voice for teens to enhance the patient experience by making recommendations to improve the quality of care and service for all patients at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. Learn more about the Teen Advisory Council.

Core Values:

Dignity and Respect: We believe that an essential component of patient and family centered care is listening to and honoring patient and family perspectives and choices. We constantly strive to incorporate patient and family knowledge, values, beliefs and cultural background into the planning and delivery of care.

Information Sharing: Only through authentic and transparent dialogue can patients and families effectively participate in care and decision-making. Therefore, we believe health care practitioners should communicate and share complete and unbiased information with patients and families in ways that are affirming and useful.

Participation: We encourage patients and families to participate in care and decision-making at whichever level they choose

Collaboration: We invite patients, families, health care practitioners and hospital leaders to collaborate in policy and program development and implementation, and evaluation of programs ranging from health care facility design to professional education, as well as the delivery of care

Adopted from the Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care

Meet Our Team

 Kristin Maier, M.S., CCLS

Kristin Maier, M.S., CCLS

Director, Child Life, Music Therapy & Patient Academic Services

Kristin Maier, MS, CCLS is the Director of the Child Life, Music Therapy, Patient Academic Services, Spiritual Care, as well as the Patient Experience Navigators programs at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospitals. In her more than 30 years of experience in the field, Kristin has served as President of the Association of Child Life Professionals, Chair of the Internship Accreditation Task Force as well as on several boards. Additionally, she has been certified in infant massage, bereavement, and critical incident stress debriefing. Kristin completed her internship at The Cleveland Clinic and received her Master’s in Healthcare Administration from the University of St. Francis. All Children’s Hospital was her first paid experience in the field and the place that she is still proud to serve patients and families.

Emily Prior

Emily Prior

Program Coordinator
Emily Prior is the program coordinator for Child Life, Service Excellence, Patient Academics, Music Therapy and Spiritual Care at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. Before joining the Child Life department, Prior worked with Johns Hopkins All Children’s Home Care as a patient service coordinator. She also worked as a lead certified medical assistant at Moffitt Cancer Center. Prior graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in health administration and a concentration in health management.