Johns Hopkins All Children's Heart Institute

Restoring Your Trust in Our Heart Institute 

We are dedicated to providing safe, high-quality care. 

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is determined to learn everything that happened in the Heart Institute and to rebuild it in a way that earns your trust.

The events described in news reports about patients who did not receive the high-quality care at our Heart Institute are unacceptable.

We apologize to those patients and their families, to our referring providers and to the community. We failed to live up to the trust they placed in us.

We are taking a series of steps to assess what happened, fix what went wrong and rebuild the Heart Institute. They include:

  • External Review: The board of Johns Hopkins Medicine has commissioned an external review of the Heart Institute. We will share the lessons learned from this review to ensure that Johns Hopkins Medicine and other hospitals around the country can learn from and avoid the mistakes that were made.
  • Independent Monitor: We will engage an independent monitor to track the progress as we implement the recommendations from the external review and to hold us accountable when corrective action is necessary.
  • Rebuild the Heart Institute: We have invited a team of national experts in pediatric heart programs to consult with our physicians and staff members to assess all elements of the Heart Institute from a clinical perspective to help us determine the resources required and an appropriate timeline to restart the program safely and with a commitment to excellence.

Johns Hopkins Medicine remains proud of and deeply committed to this community, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and the patients we serve. We invite you to follow our journey through updates to this page. We will not rest until we have restored the trust placed in us by our community and our patients.

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