Johns Hopkins All Children's Heart Institute

Patient and Family Support

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Heart Institute is dedicated to helping children and families prepare and cope in all stages of treatment.

When your child needs treatment for cardiac issues, the whole family needs support. The team at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital is passionate about pediatric patient care that includes the whole family. We help children throughout the world get the attention they need at all stages of their treatment, whether they are preparing for a procedure or recovering from it.

Being There for Your Child

We know that family is the most important source of emotional support and comfort for children. That’s why families are always welcome on the patient care unit and are encouraged to be there with their children. One way we encourage family engagement is by including room for two extra people in our cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICU). And should you need to step away from the hospital, we ensure parents are always in the know by providing a phone number to speak with your child’s nurse at any time.

Child Life Services

An essential and unique part of our care are the child life specialists who make up part of your child’s multidisciplinary care team. These specialists provide essential psychosocial support to patients and their families. Working as a team, child life specialists, music therapists and academic coordinators apply their expertise in child development, play, stress, coping tools and family support.

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Integrated Care Management

Integrated care management provides a variety of support services to patients and their families while at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital. These services include social work services, which helps support families through counseling and resource management; pastoral care, which provides emotional and spiritual support to children and their families; and Team Hope, which is the name of Johns Hopkins All Children’s palliative care program for enhancing a patient’s comfort, dignity and quality of life.

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Happy Heart Party

In celebration of pediatric heart health, once a year Johns Hopkins All Children's Heart Institute invites patients and families to our Happy Heart Party event. 

Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart is an educational symposium for patients and families. Guests will hear from Johns Hopkins All Children's Heart Specialists and patients' experiences.

Organizations & Associations

American Heart Association

Members of the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Heart Institute work closely with the regional chapter of the American Heart Association to broaden understanding of the spectrum of congenital heart disease and promote research efforts for treatment and prevention.

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Mended Little Hearts

Mended Little Hearts provides advocates for and supports families and children with congenital heart disease in many ways, including in-hospital peer support programs, educational resources, awareness initiatives, and parent-matching services to help you connect to a community that understands what you’re going through.

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Boggy Creek Camp

Our organization sponsors and provides volunteers for the Boggy Creek Camp located in Florida. Boggy Creek gives children, ages 7–16 with congenital heart disease, opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and group-centered camp activities in a medically sound and supportive environment. It helps kids and parents bond with others who have gone through or overcome many of the same things.

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Prepare for your stay by reading our Inpatient Family Guide

 It’s a little easier when you know what to expect and understand what’s going on around you. We hope this guide will be a handy source of information about how our Hospital works. If you have questions or need assistance, don't be afraid to ask. We are here to help.