Johns Hopkins All Children's Heart Institute

Heart Surgery

We provide multidisciplinary care and follow-up for children who need heart surgery.

Children with congenital heart defects need expert care from a team specially trained to understand a child’s unique needs. Our board-certified pediatric heart surgeons have experience in caring for children of all ages with heart defects, from newborns to young adults.  

They work closely with a comprehensive care team that includes pediatric cardiologists, pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists, cardiac critical care physicians, nurses and others so that patients receive consistent care from the time of their diagnosis through follow-up after surgery. 

What to Expect 

Before surgery, your child will have a preoperative appointment to make sure he or she is ready for surgery and so you can ask the medical team any questions you may have.


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After surgery, your child will be cared for in the hospital’s dedicated cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICU) by our cardiac critical care physicians, and other specialists as needed.


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Patient and Family Support

We work to support your child and family during all stages of your child’s treatment. Find out more about the resources available to you.

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Meet Our Team

Learn more about our experienced, board-certified heart surgeons.

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Rebuilding Our Heart Institute and Earning Your Trust

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital spent months conducting a comprehensive review of its Heart Institute, with the goal of reopening its heart surgery program with patient safety at the forefront. As part of this review, a group of national pediatric heart experts conducted a top-to-bottom clinical evaluation and recommended a series of important changes. Over the course of the last year, the Heart Institute has implemented the recommended changes, which include industry-leading training programs and rigorous data analysis of patient safety measures. We conducted a national search for new heart surgeons and hired a team of exceptionally talented surgeons, each of whom brings a career of success in highly specialized pediatric or neonatal cardiothoracic surgery to the Tampa Bay region. Johns Hopkins remains proud and deeply committed to being part of this community. We continue to strive to earn your trust.

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