Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Heart Institute

Heart Transplant

We provide comprehensive, long-term care for our heart transplant patients.

Our heart transplant program has performed more than 185 neonatal and pediatric heart transplants for patients with congenital heart defects or acquired heart disease. Although we have placed our heart transplant program in a voluntary inactive status until we hire a new heart transplant surgeon, we continue to care for patients who have received transplant. These patients will continue to receive outpatient and inpatient care, including cardiac catheterization and biopsies.

The transplant coordinator arranges follow-up clinic visits, lab work and biopsies and helps with other needs. We help coordinate all of the medications your child will need and help our patients' primary care physicians understand the special health care needs of post-transplant patients to ensure continuity of care.

Our team helps the family and the patient become comfortable and confident with the medications and self-care that are needed after a heart transplant. Outpatient visits at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital take place frequently at first and gradually transition to just a few visits per year. The goal is for our transplant patients to become healthy and independent adults.

We offer ongoing patient and family education and support in the post-transplant years, including a patient/family support group. We help our post-transplant patients lead active and fulfilling lives as they prepare for their journey to adulthood. Because we know their unique medical and cardiac history, we continue to provide post-transplant cardiology and adult congenital heart disease services into adulthood.

Restoring Your Trust in Our Heart Institute

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is determined to learn everything that happened in the Heart Institute and to rebuild it in a way that earns your trust. We commit ourselves to updating you on our leadership transition, the lessons we learn through independent outside evaluation and our implementation of recommended changes. Johns Hopkins is proud and deeply committed to being a part of this community. We invite you to follow our journey, and we will not rest until your trust is restored.

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Meet Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team works together to meet your child's medical and developmental needs and provides you and your family with education and support.

Your Stay

 It’s a little easier when you know what to expect and where you will be staying. Our individual patient rooms can comfortably accommodate a child and both parents.

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