Institute for Brain Protection Sciences

Institute Research

The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Institute for Brain Protection Sciences is ideally positioned to advance the research enterprise in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University and other local partners. These opportunities are facilitated by the ability to provide the full spectrum of clinical care, combined with the expertise present at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Research interests span the domains of translational research and clinical research, as well as in the areas of outcomes analysis and quality improvement. Physicians at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center are working together on numerous research projects.

  • Effective Treatment of Craniosynostosis and Deformational Plagiocephaly Improves with Early Diagnosis: Watchful Waiting May Not Be the Best Option for Evaluating Abnormal Head Shape in Infants by Gerald Tuite, M.D. and George Jallo, M.D. April, 2016. Download PDF