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We provide a range of medical concierge services for our international patient families, as well as language interpretation services and spiritual care.

Throughout your child's stay with us, a member of our team will guide you and your child to medical appointments and is available when you have any questions. We want your child and your family to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible so that you can focus on your child's return to wellness.

Among the services provided by the team at Johns Hopkins All Children’s:

Before Your Child’s Visit

  • Review of your child’s medical records by the appropriate Johns Hopkins All Children’s medical specialist(s)
  • Efficient appointment scheduling with the pediatric specialist(s) that meet your child’s needs
  • Financial information, estimates and insurance verification
  • Assistance with recommendations in selecting hotel, transportation and other accommodations
  • Comprehensive visit itinerary and personalized guide to Johns Hopkins All Children’s

During Your Child’s Visit

  • Personal escort to all of your child’s medical appointments
  • Interpretation services
  • Discharge planning and coordination
  • In-person education and emotional support for your family

After Your Child’s Visit

  • Assistance with medical records and prescriptions
  • Future appointment scheduling
  • Consolidated final bill
  • Continuous post-care support

When your child and family are ready to return home, we will supply detailed instructions, including follow-up plans. 

Interpretation Services

Qualified interpreters for languages other than English are available for our patients and their families. Language assistance is offered via video, telephone and live interpreters. 

Visitor Information

For the health and safety of our patients while coronavirus (COVID-19) is present in Florida, we are limiting visitors in the inpatient, outpatient and emergency center settings. Please see our COVID-19 Resources page for detailed information on our current visitation policy.  

Spiritual Care

The Spiritual Care team can provide support while honoring your family’s religious traditions. If you would like, we can ask a religious leader of your choice to visit you at the hospital. Our team also includes several chaplains who offer assistance such as providing a listening ear and reflective conversation, discussing concerns during your child’s hospital stay, and providing items such as prayer rugs, books, a Bible, or other religious, spiritual, devotional or inspirational items depending on your family’s needs and preferences. Our international care coordinators can assist in connecting you with the Spiritual Care team.

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