Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

Music Therapy Clinical Internship

The Music Therapy Internship is for students who have completed a degree in music therapy from an accredited university program.

About Our Program


Johns Hopkins All Children’s hospital is a 259-bed center for treatment, teaching, research, and advocacy, located in west-central Florida. Our children range from premature infants to young adults. Many patients at Johns Hopkins All Children’s are acutely or chronically ill and are treated under a wide range of medical services. Children are also treated through the Emergency Center, Outpatient Surgery and several outpatient clinics and doctors’ offices. Johns Hopkins All Children’s is a teaching hospital and works closely with multiple universities and teaching institutions. Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital respects and celebrates different perspectives, lifestyles, cultures, ethnicities and religions of our colleagues, patients and families.

Geographical Location:

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is located near downtown St. Petersburg at the southern end of Pinellas County. The Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay are short drives from the hospital campus. Interstate 275 provides a direct route to Tampa and Sarasota. Orlando is approximately 2 hours east of the Tampa Bay area. The Tampa International Airport is 15 minutes from the hospital.

Music Therapy Services:

Music therapy is available to any child referred by physicians, families, or staff. Children and young adults are served through individual and group sessions. Patients are seen in their rooms, playrooms, treatment rooms, surgery holding, intensive care units, and on-campus clinics. Music Therapy is a program of the Child Life Department and the therapists work closely with members of this department as well as Nursing, Medical Students and Residents, PT, OT and SLP, Chaplains, Patient Academics, and Service Excellence. 

Philosophy of Music Therapy at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital:

Music Therapy at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is an integral part of the care of hospitalized children and their families. Music affects mental, physical, and emotional responses, and it is utilized as a valuable tool in supporting the treatment and recovery experience. Through music therapy interventions, we provide patients and families with ways to decrease anxiety, get through procedures, feel safe and secure, and build positive coping skills. Music helps children cope with pain, discomfort, and stress, and motivates them to continue their developmental paths. We provide family-centered care, which means that we incorporate and support the whole family, not just the hospitalized child. We incorporate an eclectic approach to best meet each individual patient’s needs.

Internship Focus:

Interns will learn the function of music therapy within a pediatric hospital setting. Training will include developmental effects of hospitalization on children of all ages, basic descriptions of common illnesses and their treatments, and the use of music therapy as a coping intervention. Upon completion, interns will meet, at minimum, AMTA professional competencies.

Expectations of Interns:

With support of the Internship Director, interns at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital will be expected to identify personal strengths and challenges, set internship goals, and evaluate progress on a regular basis. Interns will demonstrate the ability to work in a fast-paced environment and process and utilize information and constructive feedback. Interns are also expected to seek guidance when faced with difficulties. Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital adheres to four core values, including Excellence and Discovery, Leadership and Integrity, Diversity and Inclusion, and Respect and Collegiality. Interns will be expected to not only adhere to these core values but also serve as a role model for others. 

Coverage and Hours:

Currently, music therapy covers the pediatric, cardiovascular, and neonatal ICUs, hematology/oncology, and the infusion center. *Hours are divided between music therapy supervisors, generally running from 8:30-5 p.m. three days a week, and noon-8:30 p.m. two days a week with as much consistency as possible. *Hours are subject to change. Any changes are discussed within a timely manner. 

Educational Opportunities:

With Johns Hopkins All Children’s being a teaching hospital, interns have a wealth of educational opportunities that vary throughout the year. Interns are welcomed and encouraged to attend various interdisciplinary presentations including, but not limited to, Grand Rounds, Schwartz Rounds, student seminars, in-services, and on-campus conferences. Interns have access to our medical library and the Johns Hopkins database, free of charge. 

Special Projects:

In addition to clinical experience, interns will be expected to complete weekly assignments related to their clinical work. Assignments and projects include, but are not limited to: 

  • A music therapy in-service presentation
  • Two case study presentations
  • A condensed research proposal 
  • Leading journal club
  • A prospective program proposal
  • Assisting with Child Life Department hospital events

Internship Arrangements


  • Stipend: None 
  • Meals: Interns receive a 20% discount in the hospital cafeteria.
  • Housing: Not guaranteed. Interns will receive assistance in locating lodging and there is possible on-campus housing during some semesters.
  • Public Transportation: The hospital is on the main bus line.
  • Uniform: Interns are required to purchase a uniform from the hospital gift shop. 

Occupational Health:

Interns are required to provide documentation/proof of the following prior to their start date: 
  • Immunization Records – including proof of immunity to chicken pox (either with a positive serum varicella titer or receipt of two doses of the chicken pox vaccine)
  • Annual Flu Shot
  • Current TB test
  • Health Insurance
  • Current BLS/CPR certification

Legal Contract and Liability Insurance:

An education affiliation agreement between the applicant university and Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is required. Proof of liability insurance from the university or the applicant must be documented. A copy of the liability insurance must be submitted to the Internship Director prior to the applicant start date. 

Applicant Expectations

Prospective interns must have completed coursework in an approved music therapy degree program and must demonstrate competency in the following areas:

Music Skills:

  • Ability to play basic chord progressions (I, IV, V) on the guitar in at least 3 keys to accompany singing. 
  • Ability to play basic chord progressions (I, IV, V) on the piano/keyboard in at least 3 keys to accompany singing.
  • Ability to play a melody on the piano/keyboard and accompany it with simple chord progressions. 
  • Ability to transpose simple compositions into 2 other keys on 2 different instruments, one of which must be guitar. 
  • Ability to read music and sight-read a simple melody with a written chordal accompaniment. 
  • Ability to compose simple songs.
  • Ability to improvise using piano/keyboard, guitar, and rhythm instruments. 
  • Ability to sing in tune and with pleasing vocal quality.
  • Functional use of voice, including singing in appropriate ranges with appropriate volume. 
  • Knowledge of songs appropriate for all age groups including the age range of birth through young adult.

Therapeutic Skills:

  • Ability to assess strengths and limitations and formulate appropriate treatment goals and objectives.
  • Ability to assess responses to music interventions, including mood, affect, and behavior. 
  • Professional writing skills through documenting observations clearly and accurately while using correct grammar. 
  • Ability to plan and implement age-appropriate music interventions using an accompaniment instrument. 
  • Basic knowledge of child and adolescent development. 
  • Ability to verbally express the therapeutic benefit of music interventions for hospitalized children. 
  • Ability to model and communicate easily understood directions verbally and non-verbally.
  • Ability to encourage patient and family participation while respecting a family’s declination to participate. 
  • Basic understanding of music therapy literature and research.

Professional Qualities: 

An ideal intern candidate would demonstrate the following qualities:
  • Excellent time management 
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt in the moment
  • Critical thinking, with ability to problem-solve independently 
  • Use of appropriate and professional verbal language, eye contact, and voice
  • Self-confidence with ability to identify personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Humility, including an openness towards self-awareness and personal reflection 

How to Apply

  Application Deadline Start Date
Fall Internship March 1 October
Summer Internship November 1 June

Submission Requirements:

With this application, please include all of the following:

Resume: Include education, work, and volunteer experience. Practicum experience should include details including population and ages served. Include your current and/or any projected practicum(s) even if not completed with their anticipated completion dates.

Official Transcript: Submit an official transcript on the following application page. Directly emailed or mailed transcripts are accepted. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.

Letters of Reference: Submit three letters of reference, two (2) of which must be from clinical music therapy supervisors, and one (1) should be from a professor familiar with your musical/academic skills. 

Letter of Eligibility: Include a confirmation letter of eligibility from your Music Therapy Academic Director. This can be either included with a recommendation letter (if from the same source) or sent separately. 

Personal Mission Statement: Your personal mission statement may include what you are passionate about, your values, your strengths and weaknesses, your priorities, or your objectives as they relate to music therapy, your goals for the future, and this internship.

Essay Responses:

  1. In 100 words or less, describe your personal philosophy of music therapy. 
  2. Why are you interested specifically in pediatric and/or medical music therapy? 
  3. What are you expectations for an internship? 
  4. In our description of our internship, you were introduced to areas and populations you would work with and our hospital culture. Select one area or aspect that is of particular interest to you and one that you think will be challenging. Tell us why. 
  5. Consider our expectations of interns and qualities sought. What attributes do you possess that make you a good fit for medical music therapy? Support your response with examples. 
  6. Optional: Is there anything that you would like for us to know about you that was not covered by this application? 

Audition Recording: Please include a YouTube link(s) demonstrating your keyboard, guitar, and vocal skills on four (4) songs total. Please choose a different genre for each song you provide, including: pop, current country, rock, R&B, hip hop, folk, gospel, world music, Contemporary Christian, reggae, Disney, and/or children’s music. 

In your audition link(s) please: 

  • Identify the key, artist, and title of each song.
  • Accompany yourself on guitar for two (2) songs. 
  • Accompany yourself on piano for two (2) songs.
  • If your primary instrument is not voice, guitar, or piano, please include one additional recording of your choice on your primary instrument. 
  • Recordings must NOT include actual clients.
  • Aim to include as much of your instrument in your video frame as possible. 


Top candidates will be invited to participate in a phone screening. Following an acceptable screening, a virtual personal interview will be scheduled.


If you have an additional question that has not been answered by the above information or application page, please email with your name and your primary instrument in the subject line. Thank you.

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