Acute Pain Management Services

We provide an interactive family centered team approach to manage acute pain.  

Inpatient Consultation Services

Our pain management team provides acute pain management services to infants, children and adolescents. Acute pain may be the result of surgery or trauma, cancer or complex medical problems and may require specialized pain management.

After an initial evaluation, we work with you, your child and the health care team to develop an individualized pain management plan. Every day, a member of the pain management team will evaluate the treatment plan, monitor progress and continue with the plan or make changes if needed.

Pain management plans may include using pain medicine, physical therapy and complementary therapies such as massage therapy and hypnosis. Our goal is to treat the patient's pain and him or her continue to participate in activities of daily living such as watching TV, eating, texting and interacting with their families.

How We Relieve Pain

We can provide pain control using a variety of techniques, which include:

  • Regional therapies
    • Epidurals
    • Spinals
    • Peripheral nerve blocks
  • Topical therpaies to minimize pain with needle sticks
  • Intravenous opioids using patient-controlled analgesia (PCA pumps)

We also offer access to a psychologist to assist patients and families in coping with the stressors of living with acute pain.