Preparing for Your Child's Operation

Surgery on a child, whether it be a small outpatient procedure or a major inpatient operation, is a stressful event for both patient and family. Fortunately, there are steps that we take, as well as steps that you can take, to help ease your concerns.

The Steps We Take…

Operating at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

The pediatric surgery group performs operations at Johns Hopkins All Childrens Hospital in downtown St. Petersburg, FL.  This facility not only offers the latest technologies for the care of children, but also was designed with the safety and comfort of its patients and their families in mind.  All of this in a facility staffed with nurses whose only job is to take care of children. 

Pediatric anesthesia

Many families worry about the risks associated with putting a child under anesthesia.  Our pediatric surgery group recognizes this concern.  We consider the surgeon and anesthesiologist to be partners in the care of the child undergoing surgery.  Consequently, we only operate with an anesthesia team who specialize in the care of children.

Specialist Support

Some patients who need surgery have complex medical conditions.  Some patients have unforeseen complications during surgery.  In both situations, we are prepared.  By conducting our procedures at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital we have over 200 pediatric subspecialists, from intensive care doctors to radiologists, immediately available in case we need their help in caring for our patients.

Focusing on kids

Children are not just little adults, so we have child life specialists who can help children cope with the scary aspects of being in a hospital.

A surgery team member is always there, 24/7

Our practice has one of its own certified nurse practitioner or physician assistant on call and in the hospital 24 hours per day / seven days a week.  This professional is available to care for our surgical patients in the hospital, to see patients in the emergency room, or to take any phone calls from families at home.

Steps that You can Take….

Learn about your child’s condition and the planned operation

The more you understand your child’s condition, the easier it will be for you to help him or her go through the process of having an operation.  Also, many families have a greater peace of mind if they understand the how’s and why’s of the planned procedure.  For more information about your child’s disease or condition, try consulting our list of Common Problems. In addition, the American Pediatric Surgical Association sponsors a parent and family resource site which has information on many pediatric conditions that require surgery.

Know what to expect when you come to the hospital

The more you and your child know about the process of having an operation, the easier it will be to prepare.  Consult the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital webpage devoted to Patients and Families.  It contains useful information about the same day surgery center, the inpatient units, and hints for preparing your child for surgery, as well as maps and locations of the hospital and online photo tours of the areas you’ll be visiting.  

Make sure your questions are answered

Our surgical team should have answered all of your questions during the office visit, but if we missed something or if you think of a question at some later point, we want to answer it.  You can always call us at 727-767-4170 (or toll free at 1-800-456-4543 ext. 4170) and one of our office staff or clinical staff can help you.

Appointments and More Information

For more information, visit Pediatric General Surgery. To make an appointment or to ask questions, please call 727-767-4170.