Sports Medicine

High Ankle Sprains

Our Pediatric Sports Medicine team discusses high ankle sprains.

A high-ankle sprain is a sprain of the ligament that holds the two bones of the lower leg together. Pain is felt in the front of the lower leg and swelling is typically minimal.

The Tibia and Fibula are held together just above the ankle by a set of ligaments called the syndesmotic ligaments.

Because of the location of these ligaments an athlete will often complain of pain in the front of the lower leg. There is minimal swelling associated with a high ankle sprain.

The name high ankle sprain is a misnomer because the injury occurs just above area that most of us think of as the ankle.

In the evaluation of high ankle sprain the treating physician may find increased tenderness when they squeeze the tibia and fibula together.

These injuries can vary in severity and severe high ankle sprains may require surgery to create stability between the Fibula and Tibia. If you suspect that you have a high ankle sprain, you should decrease your physical activity until you are evaluated by a physician who is comfortable and knowledgeable in the treatment of this type of injury.


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