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Physical Therapy and Ankle Sprains

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Physical therapists at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital work with athletes who have had an ankle sprain. They work on improving range of motion, strengthening and balancing in preparation for a return to sports.

Kimberley Carson, PT

As part of the AllSports Medicine team, physical therapy will work to rehabilitate your ankle to get you back on your feet and able to return to your sport or activities at full capacity as soon as possible.

  • First the physical therapist will assess joint alignment and joint stability. They also use modalities such as electrical stimulation in addition to ice to assist with pain and edema or swelling management.
  • After the pain and swelling have improved, in physical therapy you will begin an exercise program to improve your ankle's range of motion and flexibility.
  • After your range of motion has improved, strengthening, balance and proprioception exercises are introduced.
  • In the last stage of rehab, return to sport specific exercises are begun for preparation to return to sports with a focus on prevention of re-injury. Your individualized program will be designed specifically to address the needs of your sport or sports. These often include plyometric (or jumping activities) and agility activities such as running and cutting. We emphasize proper movement patterns, alignment and biomechanics to address all the needs of the athlete in order for safe return to sport.
  • Physical therapy at Johns Hopkins All Children's is provided in an atmosphere developed for teen athletes with a one to one ratio for the highest quality of care needed for maximum outcomes and return to play. Allsports physical therapy will get you back in the game!


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