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Avulsion Injuries of the Hip

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Patrick Mularoni, MD

In an effort to run faster and jump higher, competitive athletes condition their muscles to increase the power of the muscles contraction.

Growing athletes can condition their muscles to a point where they are stronger than the muscles attachment to the bone. As the muscle contacts it can do so with so much force that it can pull a small piece of bone away fro the muscles point of attachment. This is called an avulsion fracture.

A common location for boney avulsion or fracture is in an athlete's hip. The two most common athletes that are susceptible to avulsion fracture are soccer players and sprinters. A sprinter may feel a pop or as the injury occurs. In the kicking soccer player, they usually report pain in the area of a hip as the game continues.

To properly evaluate an avulsion fracture of the hip, a Sports Medicine Physician will perform an appropriate examination of the affected hip. In addition, X rays will be obtained to evaluate the area in question.

Just like any other fracture, the bone will require time to heal after this injury. If you have suffered an avulsion fracture, the Sports Medicine team at Johns Hopkins All Children's will evaluate your injury and institute a stretching and strengthening regimen to get you back in the game.


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