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Radiologic Studies

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When an athlete has an injury, an imaging study can help identify the problem. X-ray and MRI scans are common studies and an arthrogram may be used to look at specific joints. At Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, we are committed to limiting the amount of radiation children receive for medical imaging.

Radiologic Studies
Arthrograms are used to look for injuries to specific structures or joint conditions. It is commonly used for shoulders, hips, elbows and wrists.
Image Gently
Image Gently is a nationwide movement to limit the amount of radiation children receive for medical imaging. The radiology department at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital takes steps to reduce radiation as much as possible during imaging studies.
MRI scans use a strong magnet to create images of body parts. Our MRI technologists work only with pediatric and adolescent patients and if needed, specially trained anesthesiologists can provide sedation during the scan.


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