Interactive Metronome

What is Interactive Metronome (IM)?

Interactive Metronome is an intensive computer based program used to improve a child's processing abilities that affect attention, motor planning, sensory processing and sequencing. Interactive Metronome is available through the Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Occupational Therapy Department.

Goals of Interactive Metronome

  • Improve independence with self-care activities
  • Improve performance in sports and leisure activities
  • Improve attention related to daily function
  • Improve academic performance and ability to follow directions
  • Improve self esteem and social skills
  • Improve behavior, aggression and impulsivity

Program Overview

The Occupational Therapist uses this program to tailor a treatment plan specific to each child's needs. The computer challenges the child to precisely match a rhythmic beat with synchronized hand and foot exercises. The child is given feedback through headphones that tells them how "on beat" they are. This feedback guides the child and helps improve their timing and ability to plan actions. This is a short-term intensive program scheduled in one-hour training sessions, 2-5 times per week. This may be in place of your regularly scheduled Occupational Therapy sessions.

Who is a Candidate for IM?

  • Children 6 years or older
  • Children with a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, Sensory-Motor Disorder, Anxiety related to Sensory Processing/Modulation Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, or Motor Incoordination
  • Children with identified deficits in motor planning, attention and concentration, and/or academic performance

How Do I Get Started?

If your child is already enrolled in occupational therapy (OT), talk to your therapist. If you are not currently enrolled in therapy, discuss this with your pediatrician and obtain a prescription for "OT evaluation and treatment".

Contact the Rehabilitation Services Patient Access Service Center at 727-767-7272 to schedule an appointment for an OT evaluation.

Where Can I Get More Information?