Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

The Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Program is designed for children who continue to have episodes of daytime urinary leaks beyond the typical age of potty training. After a thorough work up by a pediatric urologist, your child would be referred to an Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Outpatient Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy Department for pelvic floor rehabilitation.

The Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists are thoroughly educated in the anatomy and physiology of the urinary tract system and the musculoskeletal system as well as child development. They are trained in the use of the computer system and the process for pelvic floor rehabilitation to best assist your child.

The pediatric physical therapists and occupational therapists work closely with you, your child and the physicians to progress your child towards success.

What is Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation?

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation works to strengthen and coordinate the muscles that control the bladder. This program also educates you and your child on anatomy of the urinary tract system and strategies to avoid urinary leaks.

What happens during my child's first appointment?

Your child's first visit will be a two hour long evaluation. During that evaluation, your child's therapist will take a thorough history and review all the paperwork that you bring into the evaluation (you will receive forms in the mail prior to the evaluation.) These completed forms will assist greatly with a thorough evaluation. The therapist will then place gel based electrodes around the anus. Next your child will sit comfortably in a chair and look at a computer that is connected to the electrodes. The computer allows the therapist, you and your child to see the muscles working and relaxing as your child performs pelvic floor exercises. The therapist will then analyze the results and review them with you and your child.

What happens during treatment sessions?

At each of the appointments, homework will be reviewed and practiced, education will be given regarding that week's activities and your child will be connected to the computer as they were during the evaluation. Your child will perform a variety of pelvic floor muscle exercises while the computer gives visual feedback, which helps to motivate your child to work these muscles.

What does my child need to do at home for this program?

Your child will be given homework at every visit that consists of exercises, education and diet related issues. He/she will need your assistance to complete these tasks successfully.

Will the treatment and evaluation be painful?

The pelvic floor rehabilitation program is not painful. The electrodes are gel based and go on and off easily.

How do I sign up my child for Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation?

Your pediatrician can make a referral to a pediatric urologist. After a thorough work up, the urologist will determine if your child would benefit from the program and make the referral.

What are the possible benefits of the Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation program?

The goal of the pelvic floor program is for each child to improve and/or achieve independent bladder control. Your child will gain knowledge of their urinary tract system and diet related issues. They will also gain improved self-esteem, confidence and the increased ability to participate in social activities such as sleep-overs.