P.A.L.S Parent Testimonials


Social Thinking

Thinking socially comes naturally to most of us, but children and teens with social deficits need help relating with others. P.A.L.S. participants will begin to learn how to: be part of a group; monitor and adapt their behavior in social settings; understand and think of others; and use effective and appropriate conversation skills. Below are some of our parent testimonials for P.A.L.S. for Playing A Therapeutic Social Skills Group.

PALS has made such a difference for my son. It's a clear, supportive, and fun environment for learning the social skills that usually aren't clearly taught. The best moment for me - which I attribute to PALS - was during his last week of school. I used to find him in the playground when I came back to pick him up, but rather than hanging out with other kids he would be off by himself. When I pulled up last week and scanned the playground I couldn't find him. I looked again and finally found him - the center of attention in the middle of a group of friends, smiling and talking away. A truly life-changing difference!! Thank you PALS!

Stephanie G.

My son has Asperger's and he was very quiet and reserved. PALS class has helped him to start conversations with people. His teacher Denise has given him the tools that he needs to start conversations, keep conversations going and understand people's body language. Each week I see the improvements that he is making in his social skills. I am very thankful we have PALS class. I would recommend PALS class to anyone that needs help with social skills.

Ginger K.

My son is about 2/3rds of the way through the PALS program. He is acquiring social skills that seem to come naturally to most people. I love that Ms. Denise does a wrap-up every week with the parents! She goes over what the PALS did in class and highlights where each PAL was strong and where they could use some work. The PALS aren't just sitting for a lesson each week - each lesson includes hands-on practice to really help the kids retain what they are learning. And, Ms. Denise gets them moving around, which also helps with their retention. I really like that the whole staff gets involved with the PALS. Everyone is willing to help these kids get conversational practice.

Tami B.

PALS has helped Isaiah communicate with kids his age. It is still a work in progress, but he now has tools to work with. They should teach this in public schools for all kids.

Jennifer W.

Thank you Mrs. Spornraft for your patience and expertise in treating our PAL kids. My grandson started rejecting the program, but now he is willing to show what he has learned. You bring out the best possibilities in them.

No name

Our son loves PALS. He made new friends and he learned how to interact with other kids but in a fun way. During this year he has been learning how to adapt his behavior in social settings. It is wonderful how he is now greeting people everywhere and is having more appropriate conversation. We are very happy with his progress and love his continuous learning.

Juan S.

My daughter has learned some great skills in this class! I enjoyed watching her expand her conversation abilities and this was a very safe environment. She really enjoyed snack time and the opportunity to eat treats that we don't serve at home. This helped to make the group special for her.

Suzann H.