A Therapeutic Social Skills Group for ages 5-7

Social Thinking

Thinking socially comes naturally to most of us, but children with social deficits need help relating with others. P.A.L.S. participants will begin to learn how to: be part of a group; play appropriately with others; understand others’ in play situations; listen to others; initiate social interactions; monitor and adapt their behavior in social settings; understand and think of others; and use effective and appropriate conversation skills.


We teach social skills in a small group setting led by a Speech and Language Pathologist with special training in social communication disorders, with the assistance of a Speech Aide. This group setting provides opportunities to learn with and from other people, to understand one’s own feelings and behaviors as well the feelings and behaviors of others. It also offers a place where children can slow down and explore what is not going well for them as well as what is. They can practice new behaviors that will enhance their social skills in a safe and positive environment. Skills are taught by direct instruction, role-playing, video modeling, skill practice with peers, generalization activities, homework, naturally occurring events, video self-review, reward systems and games.

Who is a Candidate?

  • Ages 5-7
  • Common diagnosis includes Asperger’s Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, Processing Impairments, ADD, ADHD and or Nonverbal Learning Disorder.
  • Children struggling to initiate and maintain social interactions and relationships.
  • Speech and Language skills in a normal range for chronological age
  • No greater than mild attention and behavioral weaknesses
  • Children who have speech that is easily understood

Students will learn social skills such as:

  • Making and maintaining friendships
  • The keys to success for school readiness
  • Understanding others’ perspectives
  • Conversational skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Interpreting expressions and body language
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving
  • Negotiate, compromise and be assertive
  • Dealing with bullies and teasing
  • Understanding hidden social rule
  • Managing stress and anger
  • Using tact
  • Understanding empathy
  • Play Skills

Specialized Services

  • Parents are able to observe the group or view videotaped sessions and are given specific homework to increase generalization.
  • Ongoing communication which includes parent wrap up and feedback.
  • Evaluations, Pre-Tests, Post-Tests and goals are given to monitor and measure progress.
  • Question and answer sessions free of cost to parents of PALS members which include: Psychiatrists, Developmental Pediatricians, Psychologists, ABA Therapist, etc.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, physicians or patients can call Speech Language Pathology (727) 767-4141 or submit an online appointment request. We accept most traditional insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and most managed care plans.