Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

Pediatric Feeding Services

Program Overview

For most children, eating is a fun and routine part of each day. One in four children, however, will experience some type of feeding problem. Feeding issues can prevent children from eating enough to grow and develop. Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Speech Pathology is proud to offer a comprehensive program tailored to the needs of each family. We involve a team of experts including a feeding therapist, a GI specialist physician and a pediatric nutritionist to better serve our patients.

Who Will Benefit From This Program?

The program is appropriate for families with children ranging from infancy to school age who:

  • Are at risk for not meeting nutritional needs and /or requiring supplemental tube feedings
  • Have difficulty weaning from tube feedings, but are medically able to eat by mouth
  • Have oral motor or swallowing difficulties that interfere with appropriate food intake
  • Have food aversions or behaviors that interfere with mealtime and adequate food intake
  • Are resisting the transition to age appropriate food textures or utensils
  • Currently require nutritional supplements

Program Components

If feeding therapy is recommended, the speech language pathologist will design a program to provide the parent and child with strategies to:

  • Establish and expand positive eating experiences
  • Decrease behaviors that interfere with eating
  • Improve oral motor behaviors that impede eating
  • Improve eating safety
  • Increase the types and amount of food your child will eat
  • Decrease dependence on tube feeding and/or supplements

Additional Services

Some children with feeding problems may need additional services. At Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, these services may include pediatric swallow studies (OPMS) as well as our intensive feeding program (Happy Mealtimes).

Families must demonstrate a strong commitment to attending and fully participating in our feeding program and to following through with suggestions for home and follow-up. Please ask your therapist for more information.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, physicians or patients can call Speech Language Pathology (727) 767-4141 or submit an online appointment request. We accept most traditional insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and most managed care plans.