Pediatric Swallow Studies

What Is An Oral Pharyngeal Motility Study (OPMS)?

Pediatric swallow studies are completed by highly trained Speech Language Pathologists using state-of-the-art dynamic, digital x-rays of the process of swallowing.

The study defines the nature of a child's swallowing disorder and identifies adaptations to facilitate improved swallowing. Complications such as silent aspiration, food/liquid residue and reflux can be visualized and analyzed for the influence of bolus size and food consistency.

A comprehensive evaluation includes clinical and instrumental examination of swallowing function, and is followed by recommendations for an individualized swallowing therapy program.

What Is Involved In Having An OPMS?

A small amount of food or drink in varying consistencies (infused with barium) is swallowed during the video studies. Parents bring a full meal with the child's own feeding utensils.

When Is An OPMS Indicated?

Infants and children who present the following symptoms could benefit from the information provided by a pediatric swallow study (OPMS).

  • Frequent upper respiratory symptoms/illnesses (asthma, wheezing, infections)
  • Poor weight gain or Failure to Thrive
  • Limited variety in the diet for age
  • Food aversion or refusal
  • Coughs, chokes or is congested with meals
  • Gags or vomits with meals
  • Excessive length of meals

There are two parts of the evaluation including:

  • Feeding Evaluation:
    The clinical feeding/swallowing examination includes a full assessment of the oral phase of swallow, liquids & solids as tolerated and a partial assessment of pharyngeal phase of swallow for overt signs of dysphagia during a typical meal.

  • Video X-Ray (OPMS):
    The digital videofluoroscopic examination of swallowing is performed in Radiology using barium infused textures, small amounts of liquids and solids, and a full assessment of oral and pharyngeal phases of swallow. Aspiration events can be fully analyzed and adaptations made to improve swallowing.

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