X Ray Speech Studies

What is an X-Ray Speech Study?

During speech production, a person's soft palate (velum) should close against the back of the throat to seal the nose off from the mouth. This is called velopharyngeal closure.

X-ray speech studies are completed by highly trained Speech-Language Pathologists using state-of-the-art dynamic, video x-rays to assess a child's ability to attain velopharyngeal closure.

Some children exhibit velopharyngeal dysfunction and are unable to achieve this closure and subsequently present with resonance and speech sound disorders.

When Is An X-Ray Speech Study Indicated?

Children who present with the following symptoms could benefit from the information provided by an x-ray speech study.

  • Hypernasal speech
  • Nasal emission/turbulence
  • Weak consonants or sound omissions due to inadequate oral air pressure
  • Compensatory speech sound productions

What Is Involved in Having An X-Ray Speech Study?

There are two parts of the evaluation, including:

  • Speech Evaluation:
    A speech language pathologist conducts an assessment of the child's sound production, oral motor skills, and resonance.

  • Video X-Ray (Videofluoroscopy):
    A speech language pathologist and radiologist work together to determine the size and location of the velopharyngeal opening. This information is critical in determining the type of intervention that will be recommended. A video x-ray will be taken and recorded while the patient repeats words and phrases. In order to view the velopharyngeal opening, a small amount of liquid barium is squirted into each nostril to provide contrast.

Results will be reviewed immediately following the assessment.

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To schedule an appointment, physicians or patients can call Speech Language Pathology 727-767-4141 or submit an online appointment request. A physician's prescription is required for the study.

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