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Second Opinions

A second opinion from our experts can help you better understand your child's treatment options.

When your child has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition or illness, consider a second opinion from the pediatric specialists at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital. A second opinion can give you the peace of mind knowing your child’s health is in expert hands. At Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, we offer both in-person second opinions and virtual second opinions. Choose which option works best for you.

Please note that while second opinions are available from most of our specialties, our General Pediatrics program is unable to provide second opinion services due to health insurance regulations.

In-Person Second Opinions

Visit our experts in person and better understand your child’s diagnosis.

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Request a Second Opinion Appointment In-Person

Fill out this form and our team will contact you to arrange a second opinion. We will respond to your request within 48 hours, Monday through Friday.

Virtual Second Opinions

If your child is too ill to travel or you want to confirm that a visit to our hospital would be valuable before making the trip, a virtual second opinion might be worth considering. A Johns Hopkins All Children’s specialist will receive a full set of medical records and review your child’s case. You will get an in-depth report back that includes a review of the current treatment plans and suggestions for more appropriate treatment options, if applicable.

How it Works

Johns Hopkins All Children's has partnered with PinnacleCare, a national personal health advisory company, to offer virtual consultation services. Together, they will select the best specialist for your child’s condition.

A virtual second opinion can have the biggest impact on treatment when:

  • Your child has been given a new diagnosis and/or treatment plan
  • A change in treatment plan has been recommended
  • Surgery or an invasive procedure has been recommended
  • You question the expertise of your local team and want reassurances that your child is getting the best care

The service is convenient, completely confidential and easy to use.

Step 1: PinnacleCare will consult with you, the parents, to understand the situation and what questions you are hoping to have answered by a top specialist.

Step 2: PinnacleCare will collect all of the records and medical information about your child’s diagnosis, including images and pathology slides, when appropriate.

Step 3: A PinnacleCare medical director will create a list of questions specific to the diagnosis and send the case to a Johns Hopkins All Children’s specialist.

Step 4: The specialist will review your child's case and answer the questions in detail, citing research and publications, if available.

Step 5: You will receive a report with the specialists’ findings and recommendations. A call is scheduled with the PinnacleCare medical director to review the specialist’s opinion and to determine next steps in care.

Note: This program should not be accessed for urgent or emergency situations that require immediate medical assistance. For immediate medical assistance, call 9-1-1 or go to your nearest emergency department.

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