FAQs for Teens

Fit4AllKids YMCA 1 If you are considering making some healthy changes in your life and are looking for support and guidance, continue reading.

These frequently asked questions just might help you decide if joining the teen program is a good fit. This program is not a special diet or a hard-core boot camp. We work with you on your personal goals and give you the tools needed to succeed. This program is about you making healthy changes that will last a lifetime. We want to support you in your quest to become active and healthy.

Q. Is this the same as fitness boot camp?

No. We include fun exercise but we have many different activities like cooking, a supermarket tour, and getting rid of stress.

Q. Will I have to go on a diet and give up my favorite foods?

No. We help you fit some of your favorite foods into a healthy eating plan.

Q. Can I bring a friend?

Yes. You can bring your BFF or your best bud or maybe a sibling or relative, just make sure it is someone who can help you and support you in making good choices.

Q. Can I come on my own or do my parents have to bring me?

We encourage parents to attend the separate parent group, but it's not required. You can come alone if that's what you prefer.

Q. I don't like to exercise; can I skip this part of the program?

No. Making some fun exercise part of your day-to-day life is an important part of being healthy.

Q. Will I have to weigh in each week?

No. We check your weight at the beginning of the 6-week session and on the last day, but it's really not about the numbers on the scale. It's about making choices for long-term health.