Johns Hopkins All Children's Institutional Review Board

The Johns Hopkins All Children's Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible for the oversight of all research involving human subjects that is conducted by Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital staff and employees, regardless of the location of the research or its source of financial support. The IRB reviews and approves all research activities involving human subjects to ensure that the rights, safety and welfare of the participants are protected. The IRB has included in its jurisdiction for review and approval, all research uses of human tissue/specimens obtained from Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital patients and the review of all Hospital patient records for research purposes. 

The IRB requires research personnel who are involved in human subject research to be appropriately trained prior to conducting research. Principal Investigators and research staff are required to complete education on human research subject protection and regulations.  

Additionally, Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital uses electronic Institutional Review Board protocol submission systems called iRIS and eIRB to efficiently create and submit research protocols for review and approval. Effective June 2014, all new protocols must be submitted through eIRB. The IRB meets monthly.

Contact Information

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital
Institutional Review Board, Box 9490
501 6th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Phone: 727-767-4275
Fax: 727-767-8500

Holly Pageau
Administrative Research Coordinator

Sue Ellie
IRB Coordinator