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Research Team Determines Co-Prevalence of Congenital Muscular Torticollis (CMT) and Gastric Reflux Disease (GERD) in Infants

Posted on Jun 17, 2022 in Research

CMT is a leading cause of referral to Johns Hopkins All Children’s physical therapy. Physical therapists can use this knowledge to educate and inform physicians and parents on the need to address positioning options for infants with GERD.

Milestone in the Mile-High City

Posted on Jun 02, 2022 in Research

A record number of Johns Hopkins All Children’s faculty and trainees presented at the 2022 National Pediatric Academic Societies this spring. The prestigious annual conference brings together pediatric health care organizations that are leaders in advancing pediatric research and child advocacy.

Preventing Life-Threatening Blood Clots in Children with Serious Cases of COVID-19

Posted on Jun 01, 2022 in Research

Since the multicenter study’s publication, clinicians are already putting its findings to work with potentially life-saving results.

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Researchers Identify Important “Molecular Signature” for Predicting Breast Cancer Survival

Posted on Mar 28, 2022 in Research

The finding eventually will apply to treatments for pediatric cancers.

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Researchers Make Progress Toward Better Understanding of Type 1 Diabetes

Posted on Mar 09, 2022 in Research

Interventions to prevent autoimmune reactions causing Type 1 Diabetes may be closer with the better knowledge of an “adhesion molecule” called CADM1.

Cerebrospinal Fluid May Be Able to Identify Aggressive Brain Tumors in Children

Posted on Mar 07, 2022 in Research

New research led by Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center investigators shows the possibility of identifying the presence of an aggressive brain tumor in children by studying their cerebrospinal fluid. Ranjan Perera, Ph.D., senior study author and director of the Center for RNA Biology at Johns Hopkins All Children’s, talks about the impact of the study.

Imagining a New Future for Biomedical Blood Sampling and Preservation

Posted on Feb 16, 2022 in Research

Johns Hopkins All Children’s researchers advance the use of dried blood spot sampling, to enable greater access and accuracy.

On Sabbatical at Johns Hopkins All Children’s, an Eckerd College Biochemist Investigates “HOTAIR”

Posted on Feb 09, 2022 in Research

Biochemist Crystal Young-Erdos, Ph.D., brings specialized RNA expertise to an important study.

JAMA Publishes Practice-Changing Findings of JHACH-Led, NIH-Funded, Randomized Clinical Trial

Posted on Jan 11, 2022 in Research

This landmark trial, led by Neil Goldenberg, M.D., Ph.D., associate dean for research, and the Clinical Coordinating Center team in the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, focused on the emerging pediatric challenge of venous thromboembolism (VTE—also known as “blood clots,” including deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE)).

Researchers at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Discover a Novel Pathway that is Critical for Muscle Regeneration Following Injury

Posted on Dec 21, 2021 in Research

Findings may one day lead to better treatment for Duchene Muscular Dystrophy.

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