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Breastfeeding Tips for the First Year

Posted on Feb 06, 2018 in General News

Becoming a parent is very exciting and full of new experiences. Among the many decisions parents make is how they choose to feed their newborn. For those families who breastfeed, the experts at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital provide helpful tips and advice for the first year.

10 Things to Do When Your Child Has the Flu

Posted on Jan 25, 2018 in General News

Does a child in your family have the flu? Learn how to help him or her recover and how to help protect other family members.

When to Pierce a Child’s Ears and Other Jewelry Questions

Posted on Jan 22, 2018 in General News

Many parents question when children are old enough to wear jewelry, especially earrings. Patrick Mularoni, M.D., from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital gives parents some helpful tips.

Acne in Adolescents and Young Adults

Posted on Jan 08, 2018 in General News

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States affecting 40 million to 50 million individuals each year and up to 85 percent of adolescents and young adults. Jasmine Reese, M.D., director of the Adolescent and Young Adult Specialty Clinic at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, shares some truths regarding acne and also what teens and young adults can do to help manage their acne.

Embracing the Health Informatics Revolution

Posted on Jan 02, 2018 in General News

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital sees great potential in the role of data analysis and its impact on patient care.

Dangerous Toy Story: Baby Swallows Battery

Posted on Dec 22, 2017 in General News

When baby Isabella swallowed a button-sized battery – her life was in danger. Doctors at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital rose to the challenge of the emergency.

How Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Evolved into an Academic Medical Center

Posted on Dec 14, 2017 in General News

In more than 40 years with Johns Hopkins Medicine, George Dover, M.D., saw flaws in the training of pediatric residents he couldn’t fix. At Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, he sees opportunity.

Improving Survival for Infants with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

Posted on Dec 13, 2017 in General News

Pediatric surgeons at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital are pushing survival rates for infants with CDH above 90 percent.

How Do you Tell the Flu from a Cold?

Posted on Dec 11, 2017 in General News

With the holiday season in full swing, people are on the move across the country to spread good cheer … but there is something else that they might be bringing with them, and it’s the flu. So we often hear about “having the flu” but how is that different from a common cold? Patrick Mularoni, M.D., at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital explains the differences.

What Your Teen Wants to Know About Mental Health

Posted on Dec 07, 2017 in General News

Mental health is a growing concern for teens everywhere. Recently, experts from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital spent some time at Lakewood High School educating students on depression symptoms and treatment. Students had the opportunity to write down questions that they wanted answered during the session. Find out the most common ones.

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