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Posted on Feb 05,2016

More than 100 million people will watch this year’s Super Bowl on TV. But big gatherings and big TVs can pose extra danger for small children.

Thousands of people are injured each year when their TV falls on them—what safety experts call a “TV tip over.” This is more dangerous than you might expect. According to, “A TV can fall with the force of thousands of pounds. That is 10 times more powerful than being hit by an NFL lineman.” The group also reports that every two weeks a child dies as a result of a TV or piece of furniture falling on them, and most of these children are toddlers.

Your TV space should be a place for a happy gathering, not a hazard. Secure your TV with an approved device such as a strap or anchor or consider mounting your unit to the wall.  Avoid placing TVs on high furniture and use straps and anchors on any furniture the TV may be sitting on.

Teach children not to play near the TV and to never climb on or near it. And, be sure children are well supervised during your Super Bowl gathering.

Check out and for more tips and resources to keep your TV and other furniture items from tipping over. Make this Super Bowl about your favorite team and not a trip to the emergency room.

Contact your local Suncoast Safe Kids Coalition at 727-767-2493 with questions or resource requests.

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