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Posted on Nov 14,2017

Shining a Spotlight on Inquiry and Collaboration

Two October events at Johns Hopkins All Children’s showcased innovation and collaboration that are driving improvements in care.

Posted on Nov 13,2017

Antibiotics Awareness Week – What You Should Know

David Berman, M.D., and pharmacy clinical coordinator Katie Namtu from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital talk about the effectiveness of antibiotics as we recognize U.S. Antibiotics Awareness Week.

Posted on Nov 08,2017

Army Veteran Translates Military Experience Into Helping Kids 

For John Coriale, U.S. Army veteran and patient care technician in the post anesthesia care unit at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, several experiences in Iraq prepared him for working in a pediatric hospital in ways that no classroom or fast-food experience ever could.

Posted on Nov 07,2017

Meet Audrina, Johns Hopkins All Children's Heart Patient

Audrina was diagnosed with Truncus Arteriosus and is likely to undergo numerous heart procedures in the coming years.

Posted on Nov 06,2017

Is Baby Food Safe?

A recent article found that many baby foods tested positive for arsenic and other contaminates. Rachel Dawkins, M.D., from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, provides information about these findings and the safety of the foods our infants are eating.

Posted on Oct 31,2017

Committed To Be Fit: Johns Hopkins All Children’s Teams Up With Kohl’s, High Schools for Teen Health

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital teams up with Kohl’s in support of teen health.

Posted on Oct 30,2017

Halloween Safety

Halloween is right around the corner. Joseph Perno, M.D., medical staff affairs officer at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, gives parents some tips to make it a safe night for children.

Posted on Oct 27,2017

Patient Academic Services at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Supports Students

The team works directly with district teachers to create seamless instruction so that students receive lessons at their academic level and are encouraged to grow so they can keep up with their classmates.

Posted on Oct 27,2017

Down Syndrome Doesn't Keep Kassi from Flourishing

Kassiani was born with Down Syndrome and a host of other complications. The excellent Maternal, Fetal & Neonatal team of specialists at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital was with her every step of the way.

Posted on Oct 26,2017

After 22 surgeries, Marina remains 'a fighter'

By her sixth birthday, Marina had achieved a red belt in karate. She made the cheerleading squad. Honor roll. And she had survived 21 surgeries — several of which nearly costed this tough little fighter her life.

Posted on Oct 25,2017

Embracing Differences and Bullying Prevention

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, Down Syndrome Awareness Month and Dwarfism Awareness Month–an opportunity to educate and take pride in our unique differences.

Posted on Oct 24,2017

Media Use in Children and Adolescents

One of the most studied health concerns related to media use includes obesity and prolonged screen time. Research has shown that the risk of being overweight is five times greater in adolescents who watch more than five hours of television per day.

Posted on Oct 19,2017

Experience and Teamwork Pay Off For Scoliosis Specialists

The team of doctors, technicians and nurses who perform scoliosis surgery at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital have sometimes been compared to an orchestra.

Posted on Oct 18,2017

Hillary Simpson, R.N., Receives the August 2017 Daisy Award

Hillary is a dedicated nurse on 7South and August’s Daisy of the Month. Hillary was nominated by an enthusiastic parent whose son was diagnosed with ALL leukemia earlier this year.

Posted on Oct 17,2017

What Is Hand, Food and Mouth Disease?

Recently, pediatric offices and emergency rooms have seen an increase in the number of cases of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease coming through the doors. Dr. Rachel Dawkins explains the disease and how it's treated.

Posted on Oct 16,2017

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Presents Clinical Excellence Awards

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Clinical Excellence Awards recognize innovative and outstanding care by physicians, nurses and teams of specialists.

Posted on Oct 11,2017

From Cancer Survivor to YouTube Producer

Since being diagnosed with AML, Baha has emerged as a driving force in helping other children with cancer through his YouTube videos.

Posted on Oct 10,2017

Medical Myths Revealed

Dr. Mularoni dispels a few medical myths that have been passed down for generations on topics ranging from head injuries to swallowing gum to the causes of acne.

Posted on Oct 04,2017

Dealing With the Challenges of Childhood Obesity

New recommendations suggest that physicians should regularly screen 6- to 18-year-olds for obesity and refer those with a Body Mass Index in the 95th percentile or higher to a comprehensive behavioral intervention program.

Posted on Oct 03,2017

Influenza 2017: What you need to know about avoiding the flu

First and foremost, everyone should be getting the flu vaccine. The influenza vaccine is recommended to be given to everyone 6 months and older.

Posted on Oct 03,2017

Helping Children Cope with Crisis

During and after a crisis, children may feel vulnerable and overwhelmed by the situation. To restore a sense of safety and security, the pediatric psychiatry experts at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital encourage families return to a normal routine at home and at school as soon as possible after a crisis...

Posted on Sep 29,2017

Happy Heart Party Brings Families Together

The annual celebration of pediatric heart health by the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Heart Institute, included 1,052 current and former patients and their families in the comfy confines of Tropicana Field during a recent Tampa Bay Rays game.

Posted on Sep 29,2017

Hannah Is a Fighter

Hannah has always been a trooper. She survived a rare form of leukemia in her brain - in the central nervous system.

Posted on Sep 28,2017

Obesity in Children and Adolescents

At Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, we help our children and adolescents tackle obesity because it can have a huge impact on their current and future health.

Posted on Sep 19,2017

Julietta & Ace, Two Siblings, One Diagnosis of Craniosynostosis

It's not unusual for siblings to have the same diagnosis. But Julietta and Ace were treated with different procedures. Thanks to Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital they had positive outcomes.

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