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Posted on Mar 28,2017

Healthy and Easy-to-Make Recipes for National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, and the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Fit4Allkids program is whipping up simple, tasty and affordable recipes for on-the-go families.

Posted on Mar 27,2017

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Expertise Helps Family with Deep Vein Thrombosis

It all started when Janet’s brother-in-law had knee surgery and formed a clot in his calf. After learning from a relative that some in the family had a Protein C Deficiency, a disorder that increases the risk of developing abnormal blood clots, Janet’s husband and three kids got tested. All tested positive for the deficiency. The family’s pediatrician referred the family to Neil A. Goldenberg, M.D., Ph.D., hematologist and director of research at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital...

Posted on Mar 17,2017

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Welcomes New Class of Pediatric Residents

As Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital prepares to graduate its first class from the pediatric residency program, it welcomes the next wave of residents.

Posted on Mar 16,2017

First International Fellow Opens World of Possibilities

The groundbreaking appointment of Nir Shimony, M.D., the first international pediatric neurosurgery fellow at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, not only adds to the institution’s prestige and prominence but has far-reaching effects for many...

Posted on Mar 15,2017

National Patient Safety Week Promotes Teamwork

Scanning bar codes, double-checking dosages and following procedures all are hallmarks of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital’s approach to patient safety. But the most important element might be working as partners with patients and families. The hospital encourages families to play an active role in health care decisions and remain aware of health care practices in order to help prevent errors...

Posted on Mar 11,2017

With The Right Encouragement, Kids Can Like Their Vegetables

Nutrition is an essential component to a healthy lifestyle, but changing the eating habits of kids can be challenging. The Kohl’s Cooks for Kids family cooking series aims to change that.

Posted on Mar 10,2017

Nighttime Can be a Nightmare for Children with Sleep Issues

From age 4 through 11, Jaden barely got a moment of sleep due to severe sleep apnea. Jaden has Prader Willi Syndrome. Although he was diagnosed in Texas at age 4, doctors there were not ready to address the apnea. It wasn’t until the family moved and Milan, Jaden’s mother, was recommended to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital by a neurologist that they both found relief...

Posted on Mar 08,2017

Safe Kids, Fire Rescue Offer Tips to Avoid Hot-Car Tragedies

The Suncoast Safe Kids Coalition, led by Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, and St. Petersburg Fire Rescue are warning families to look before you lock. It’s an ongoing message the organizations are spreading earlier this year after two incidents in 2017 where Florida children were left in a hot car and died from heatstroke...

Posted on Mar 08,2017

Make Better Bedtime Habits A Part of Your Child's Routine

Making sure your child gets the right amount of sleep is an essential part of helping them grow up healthy and strong.

Posted on Mar 07,2017

‘A Woman’s Journey’ Inspires Women to Lead Healthy Lives for Their Families

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital believes that healthy children start with mom, and that is why the hospital brings A Woman’s Journey health symposium to the area every year. The annual symposium led by Johns Hopkins Medicine has inspired women for more than 20 years to make the most effective health decisions for herself and loved ones...

Posted on Mar 06,2017

New VP, Government and Community Affairs, Joins Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

Kimberly Berfield, a former deputy secretary of the Florida Department of Health and state representative from Clearwater, has been appointed vice president, government and community affairs for Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital...

Posted on Mar 03,2017

Nicole Pitt, R.N. is the Daisy Award Recipient for January 2017

Nicole Pitt, R.N. is the Daisy Award recipient for January 2017. She is a nurse on 7 South, the inpatient hematology-oncology unit. The DAISY Award is presented monthly to a Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital nurse who has provided extraordinary service to our patients...

Posted on Mar 02,2017

Staying Healthy is As Easy As 9-5-2-1-0

When it comes to lifestyle changes and making healthy habits stick, families attending First Steps Fit4Allkids, a community-based nutrition and weight management class offered by Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, know that small steps can help families set and achieve their health goals...

Posted on Feb 27,2017

Third Treatment’s a Charm for Lymphoma Patient

Where do you turn when the only thing more dangerous to your child than the disease she faces is the cure itself? When emergency room physician and worried dad Rafael saw his own sick daughter quickly running out of options, he used his medical expertise and the support of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital to find a solution.

Posted on Feb 24,2017

Pediatric Anesthesia Team Provides Expertise at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

Surgeons throughout Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital are supported by a team of pediatric anesthesiologists that is nationally recognized for its quality outcomes and uniform practices.

Posted on Feb 23,2017

Performing Heart Transplants on High-risk or Severe Cases

The nasty cough persisted and kept getting worse, so 10-year-old Kayla’s family took her to a Tampa emergency room. Doctors thought she might have bronchitis and began treating her, but it continued to get worse. When the doctors learned Kayla’s father died at age 31 of congestive heart failure, everything changed quickly Soon after, Kayla she was relocated to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, where doctors got to work on her immediately...

Posted on Feb 22,2017

Making the Grade During Hospitalization

Johns Hopkins All Children’s patient academics program plays an important role in patient care. Patient academic services coordinator Alicia Riggs acts as the liaison between schools and parents who are trying to keep their sick child on track academically...

Posted on Feb 16,2017

What Parents Need to Know About Heart Surgery and Procedures

Whether it’s planned or an emergency surgery, it can be worrisome to hear your child needs an operation. However, researching the surgeon, the procedure and asking the right questions may help put you at ease. Doctors with the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Heart Institute work with some of the world’s leading heart experts to improve care by making information on heart procedures public and easily understandable for families and patients with congenital and pediatric heart disease...

Posted on Feb 10,2017

Melody Valve Procedure a Safer, Less-invasive Option to Open-heart Surgery

For a child like 6-year-old Audrina, who has successfully survived two open-heart surgeries and multiple cardiac procedures to repair a congenital heart defect, six years can seem like a lifetime. It actually is a lifetime in medical technology.

Posted on Feb 09,2017

A Historic Heart Patient Maintains Devotion to Johns Hopkins All Children’s

At just six weeks old, Hunter Ratcliffe made history. Just hours after birth, Hunter’s family learned he was born with a congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which meant the left side of Hunter’s heart was missing and couldn’t pump oxygen-rich blood to the body properly. On June 19, 1995, he received the first heart transplant at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital...

Posted on Feb 08,2017

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Heart Institute Helps Patient Overcome Long Odds

Born with an extremely rare, life-threatening condition known as single ventricle crisscrossed heart, Sammy had to battle incredible obstacles from day one. The condition is marked by crisscrossed ventricles that result in a weak connection between the heart and the lungs. To correct the defect and ensure survival, Sammy would need a series of surgeries within his first year...

Posted on Feb 07,2017

If the Third Time is the Charm, Maddie’s New Heart Transplant is Beating All Odds

While many teenage girls will happily tick off their favorite Instagram posts or all of the clubs they are in at school, Maddie is more likely to list out the number of beating hearts that have echoed inside her chest (three) or the hundreds of echocardiograms, multiple heart attacks and the many nights she has spent in the emergency room...

Posted on Feb 06,2017

Lisa LaVenture is the Employee of the Month for December 2016

Lisa LaVenture is the Employee of the Month for December 2016. She is a speech pathologist and has been with the hospital for nearly seven years...

Posted on Feb 06,2017

From Heart Patient to Employee at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

Five days after Adam Verigan was born, the pediatrician heard a heart murmur. At his six-month checkup, it was still there. The pediatrician referred the family to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. Now at 35 years old, Adam works in the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Heart Institute alongside some of the same clinical staff who helped save his life as a patient…

Posted on Feb 06,2017

Terri Sunderlin, R.N., and Lindsey Reed, R.N., are the recpients of the December 2016 Daisy Award

Terri Sunderlin, R.N., and Lindsey Reed, R.N., are the recipients of the December 2016 Daisy Award. They work together in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit...

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