8 Healthy Tips for Families

Try these 8 healthy tips

Summer Lunch Tips

School is out and summer is officially here. With all the fun activities you have planned for your family, maintaining healthy habits may seem like a challenge. Summer activities and gatherings can be full of unhealthy foods, but with the right knowledge you can keep your family energized all season long.

Just Add Water

Did you know that sugar-sweetened beverages are the number one source of added sugars in the American diet?

Pinellas Schools Nutrition and Culinary Program

Though most kids get sufficient grains, dairy and protein in their daily diets, research has shown that kids are not getting near enough of the other two food groups - vegetables and fruit.

Eat Turkey. Don't Be One

Many families might think it's hard to eat nutritious, heart-healthy foods during the holidays, but that doesn't have to be the case! There are plenty of ways for kids and the rest of the family to enjoy their favorite holiday foods, by simply implementing a heart-healthy food makeover.

Kohl's Cooks for Kids Videos

Kohl's Cooks for Kids is proud to present our video series focused on nutrition and the importance of cooking together as a family.

2014 Teen Chili Challenge Winners

The 2014 Teen Chili Challenge brought out some of the best chili recipes in the area. Picking the winners was no easy feat for our panel of judges. Congratulations to these winning recipes. Try them out with your family!

10 Fun Snacks for Kids

Most kids (and parents) don't achieve the recommended 5+ servings of fruit and vegetables a day, so snacks in between meals are a great opportunity to get those servings in.

Tips for Packing School Lunches

For many families, back to school means back to packing lunches. How you can you be certain that you are packing your child a nutritious lunch that they won't trade away?

For Teens: Help Your Parents Get Healthy

Do your parents follow healthy habits, like exercising regularly or eating lots of fruits and vegetables?

For Kids: Help Your Parents Get Healthy

Did you ever look at your parents and wish they were healthier?

Nutrition Facts on Food Labels: A Change is Coming

Do you ever turn a food package to the side and look at the Nutrition Facts? You probably heard that the Nutrition Facts will have a new look for the first time in 20 years!

March is National Nutrition Month

Every March Registered Dietitian/Nutritionists encourage everyone to enjoy the taste of eating right.

Kohls Cooks for Kids Yummy Recipes

Best Whole Foods

Whole foods have no additives and no fat, sugar, or sodium has been added and all the nutrients are present.

Teen Chili Winners

The Teen Chili Challenge on October 12, 2013 brought out some of the best chili recipes in the area. Picking the winners was no easy feat for the panel of judges.

Watch me grow!

Growing your own vegetables is easier than you may think! It can be a fun family activity and a great way to add nutrition to your meals.

Dirt to classroom

The Tampa Bay Area is rich with wonderful local fresh produce that comes from gardens, farms and orchards. Bright-colored, just-picked fresh fruits and veggies are easy to come by. In fact, gardens big and small are everywhere, even in our school systems.

Zoe's Edible Garden

On many days, you can find executive chef Tyson Grant whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen of Parkshore Grill on busy Beach Drive by the downtown St. Petersburg waterfront.


Who doesn't love fruit?  It's juicy, sweet and delicious and there are loads of things to do with it.  So we challenged our experts to come up with 10 ways to prepare and serve their favorite fruits. 

Food Safety 101

Have you ever felt a little queasy after eating?

4 Ways of Cooking Veggies

Information on ways to cook veggies

Let's talk soup

Vegetables make a wonderful low-fat soup packed with vitamins and minerals. Making soup can even be fun!

Herbs and spice and everything nice

All great chefs know how to use herbs in a variety of different ways to make food taste great. By using herbs, you add flavor without adding additional salt or fat.

Parent Power!

Three tips to help you fight against childhood obesity.

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