Many people believe that restaurants and other "outside the home" meal places cause people to be sick after eating. But think again. There can be a lot of bacteria growing in your own kitchen. Here are a few simple things we can do to prevent getting sick.

  1. Wash your hands. Do it before preparing foods, especially uncooked items, such as when making a salad or slicing fruit.
  2. Wipe up a spill soon after it happens. Bacteria multiply quickly, so make the germs disappear.
  3. Do a smell test... on the sponge. If your family tends to leave a sponge by the sink for months and months, either replace it every few weeks or put it in the microwave every night after dinner to kill the germs. If there is dish soap in the sponge, it bubbles up into a cool science project, but just microwave it for one minute.
  4. Thaw meat on the bottom of the fridge with nothing under it except a plate that will be washed while you are cooking the meat.
  5. Keep that fridge at 35/40 degrees Fahrenheit. Get a thermometer if you don't have one. Food will last longer when stored at a proper temperature, which means your family saves money.
  6. Label those leftovers. Most last 3-5 days if chilled properly. If the date is on the container the day it is stored, then everyone knows how long they have to enjoy it.

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