Red Yellow Green Foods

Red means "Stop". Before eating Red foods, you should stop and think if it will fit into your eating plan. These foods should not be eaten daily. Yellow means "Caution". Yellow foods can be eaten more often than Red foods, but you may not want to eat them every day. Enjoy them a few times a week. Green means "Go". Green foods can be eaten every day, if you like. Enjoy them to the max!

Stress-free Mealtime

Feeling stressed about meal time?  Here are some tips that can help

How Do I Handle Social Situations While I am Trying to Lose Weight/Be Healthy?

Once you are on a roll making healthier food choices and are exercising more, it can still be a challenge to hang out with friends who aren't making the best food choices!

What can you do in your Office to Encourage Patients and their Families to be Healthier?

When we are surrounded by an environment that is positive, motivating and cheerful it can be inspiring. Here are some tips to surround your patients and your staff so everyone is on the same page for a healthy lifestyle.

A Month of Lunches

Follow these tips for a month of healthy lunches your child will love

Snack Time Ideas

What's your favorite type of snack: sweet, crunchy or savory?  We have ideas for all!

Dining Out Dictionary

Dictionary for dining out

20 Things You Can Do to Reduce Fat in Your Diet

Here are 20 easy things you can do to help reduce fat in your every day diet

The ABC's of Weight Management

You read the chart for your next patient and discover you have another kid who is overweight in the room. You sigh as you consider the burden of obesity that our nation is facing and the role you have in helping to reverse this trend. You find that many of your patients are not responding to your advice, and their weight continues to escalate, increasing their risks for health issues and co-morbid diseases.

“All My Kids are Super Sized”: Childhood Obesity in Your Practice

Today’s practicing pediatricians have been plagued with a new medical crisis, which threatens the present and future health of their patients.

To Eat or Not to Eat: What To Do about fast food & eating on the run

Today your lives are super busy with school, sports, friends and all kinds of activities.  You probably don't think much about nutrition and what is best for your body, especially when your schedules are overflowing.

Sample Menu Plans

Here are some healthy ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

My Child Won't Eat Anything

Many parents and caregivers have dealt with this frustration: What to do with a child who only eats a handful of foods? Let’s start from the beginning.

Eat Like an Athlete

Since athletes burn more calories through their workouts, they need to consume more.  Here are some ideas on what to eat to refuel in healthy and delicious ways. Your body will thank you!

Staying Healthy

Partner up! Schedule yearly wellness check-ups with your child’s pediatrician/ physician to ensure they are growing and gaining weight at a normal rate.

Tips for Reading Labels

Keep It Simple and Check Out the Following

10 Tips for a Healthy Body

Here are 10 easy things you can do to impove your health.

4X4 Fitness Challenge

Over the next 4 weeks we dare you to try the following 4 fitness strategies. Try to implement these healthy habits one week at a time and by the end of the month you may be surprised by what you have accomplished.

Food for Thought

Here are some healthy ideas to try as a family

Culinary Secrets

Who better to give advice than our very own culinary expert?  Here are some of her tips for your kitchen:

Modify Me!

Many high-fat recipes can be modified to be low fat and nutritious.  Below are some examples of how to cut the fat and add more vitamins and minerals. 

Shopping Healthy on a Budget

Here are some tips on how to save money at the grocery store and still eat healthy:

Tips for Grocery Shopping

Most of you are experts when it comes to shopping for clothes, games, music and electronics. But what about shopping for food?  Do you know what to look for? Should a melon make a certain sound when you tap it? How do you know when a pineapple is ripe?

When You Feel Good About Your Body, You Feel Good About YOU!

Every teen should read this article about body image!

Breakfast for Teens - Q&A

Breakfast is very important for teenagers. These are some reasons why and some healthy tips to get them started in the morning.

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