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We Asked kids ages 8 to 12 "Why Is It Important for a kid to be healthy?

Here is what they told us:

It is essential for me to be healthy because I need to grow in order to achieve my full potential. As I reach adulthood, I will be able to think clearly, make good choices and make positive changes in the world. By Ethan

Health is important because you get to do extra stuff.  You get to have fruit and vegetables, ride bikes, jog, swim, that sort of stuff.  So basically you have fun when you are healthy. by Brandon

Kids need to eat healthy so that they can be more flexible. At the YMCA we learn about all those fruits and vegetables and what everyone has to eat.  We exercise, we stretch, do jumping jacks, twist your body and many more things.  The most important is to be healthy so you can have good circulation and not have diabetes. Anonymous Summer 2012 Fit4Allkids

By eating healthy I can try new foods and it can make my bones stronger.  If I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, it can make my body healthier and stronger.  Every weekend my dad, my brother and I go to the park and walk or run.  At my grandma's I eat fruit and vegetables so that I can be one step closer to reaching my goals. At home I play kinect or ride my bike and it makes me tired, but a least I know I am doing something good for my body.  By doing all this I will be fit and healthy.  Anonymous Summer 2012 Fit4Allkids