Office-based weight management for children

Physician Success Stories

Learn first hand how a New Port Richey Physician Practice is taking a stand against childhood obesity.

As a Pediatric Physician Assistant practicing in a primary care setting one of my greatest responsibilities is to provide effective and efficient counseling to patients about nutrition and fitness. The high volume of children who are overweight or obese can make finding adequate time to counsel and obtaining educational material and resources a challenge.  The Fit4AllKids office-based program has helped me provide high quality obesity education and counseling, benefitting hundreds of children and families in my practice.

At A to Z Pediatrics in New Port Richey, Florida, our Fit4All Kids office-based program began in November 2010 with only two participants.  Over the past two years, the program has grown and we have seen tremendous success in improving the health and nutrition of our overweight/obese patients.  To date, we have 18 program graduates and an additional 30 children actively enrolled and participating in the program.  This past April, with the help of Fit4All Kids, we hosted the 1st Annual A to Z Pediatrics Fit4All Kids Participants Banquet. This event, which had more than 100 people in attendance, allowed us to celebrate and recognize the efforts and progress of our program participants and their families.  Our most successful participant is a 15-year old young man who lost 42 pounds over a 10-month period while enrolled in the program.  This patient's BMI dropped from 30.5 (>97%) to 23.8 (85%) because of the lifestyle changes he made and strong family support.  We are very proud him and each of our participants and are thankful for the partnership that our office has established with Johns Hopkins All Children’s Fit4All Kids Program. Personally, I am grateful for the opportunity to help children and families in my community fight childhood obesity and ensure healthier futures for an entire generation.

Tarah Savino, MMS, PA-C
Pediatric Physician Assistant & Fit4All Kids Educator